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    Hey all, I'm new to posting on this site, but not new to using it. So everyone in the Gainesville Florida area should add to this and tell a little about themselves, what parts of town they work in, how long they have been doing this, etc....

    I will start with myself. I have been in Gainesville the past five years. I moved here from Jacksonville straight out of High School to be a student at the University of Florida. Well I graduated winter of '09 with a degree in Building Construction and a minor in Business. I decided to stay on and am currently enrolled as a graduate student working on my Master's degree in Building Construction.

    I started my own lawn and landscape business about two years ago after getting burned out working my butt off framing, working with other LCO's, wrenching, etc for $8.00/hour. I figured that I'm a fairly intelligent guy, so why not make myself my boss. Well I started small and part time, and over this short amount of time, I have grown it much larger than I anticipated. I feel that it is not bad for a full time student. I sold my truck today because I need something that could pull a bit better because I commute to Jax every week to take care of my accounts there. About 60% of my business is in Gainesville and the remainder in Jax. It's not too bad though because it is nice to see the family once a week.

    I love what I do and am very proud to be my own boss. I take tremendous pride in my work and am not entirely sure if I want to leave what I am doing when I graduate and the construction industry gets back on its feet. I never want to be stuck in some indoor office and love that my office is outside. Though, I wouldn't mind expanding the construction aspect of landscape, such as patios, decks, fences, pavers, hardscaping, etc. I have done quite a bit of construction work as a laborer, but nothing beats submitting a bid to a prospective customer and winning it, and completing the project. The money and satisfaction of a job well done are extremely rewarding. :weightlifter:

    I think it would be beneficial if we could get a local group of people together to discuss local happenings, pricing, and other things, basically a local social network.

    Now tell me about yourselves!
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    Welcome to LawnSite!

    Good luck in the business. Let me know if I can help with insurance or anything else. Check out this group for Central Florida LawnSite Members to meet some of the other guys on this website from the area.
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    Wow, I think you hold the record for drive-time to an account! lol
    Sounds like you have a great base to build off of with your education. You should do well. Let us know if you need any help with anything. We have an office in Jax and lots of Florida connections.

  4. BearWise Landscapers

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    When you get a chance, you should also introduce yourself on this thread:

    Florida Landscapers

    There are some other guys from around the state on there you can meet. Matt from Aloha Landscaping in Gainesville also left a message there.

    Tommy and Rick from ALMA can be a great resource for you too.

    Let me know how I can help.

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    Welcome to Lawnsite! Good luck to you...
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    Hi and welcome to the lawnsite! I'm a small time lawn service outfit in Jonesville. I'm doing a few yards here and there but looking to expand.

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