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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by jkingrph, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. jkingrph

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    I just received two gallon cans, round plastic. and have a really dumb question. How do I open so I can reseal. They have a heavy plastic ring around the top and I don't want to mess them up so they cannot be resealed,
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    I'm not sure what you mean. There shouldn't be any ring around the can. At least we didn't put one on when we manufactured the product. Perhaps a distributor put on one for shipping purposes?

    Please let me know how things work out, or pm me with more info on where you purchased the product.

  3. Supper Grassy

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    post a pic so we can see what you talking about
  4. jkingrph

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    Got an E Mail from Bob at Kellsport products. They applied the rings to prevent leakage. The rings only extend about 1/4" down the side of can but fill the "flange" on the lid and tend to expand the flange so it seals and hold tighter to the can. It according to Bob had directions on top, which turned out to be a lightly molded picture of twisting off with pair of pliars. It took a pair of vice grips to hold tight enough and a stout screwdriver to help once I got a small area lifted. Everythings O'k but it was a bear to open. Personally I think you would be better to return to the "square, rectangular "cans with the small screw cap, It's hard to pour into a small container from the gallon paint can. My opinion.
  5. Dano50

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    In defense of Kellsport, that was an extra expense they took on themselves to ensure that product arrived in good condition. I haven't seen it personally so I can't comment on the ease of removal. I'm glad you were able to get it off, though.

    As far as the gallon container goes, we've received a few complaints about the new cans, but one reason we made that switch was due to the rising cost of steel. If we were to switch back, we would have to raise prices to offset the difference. We were also hoping it would make Fluid Film easier to stir, since it is thixotropic and will get heavier upon sitting.

    Thanks for purchasing and for your suggestions. We do value your support.
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    Hey Jking,

    It's Bob from Kellsport Products. Sorry about the inconvenience. We started using the sealing rings on the Fluid Film Gallons after we had quite a few "leakers" in shipping. They are not needed when we ship full cases on a skid, because they don't get turned upside down and thrown around as much. But because we ship a lot of single cans in small packages, they tend to get tossed around and even left upside down on the package trucks. Also our shipping manager returned from a hazmat shipping training course and really felt that we needed to do a better job with the Fluid Film gallon cans to make sure that they are shipped safely, meet federal requirements, and arrive in good condition.

    I agree with you that the removal directions on the ring are not really that good. As a result or your inquiry I have asked our shipping dept. to place a removal instruction sticker on every Fluid Film gallon can that we ship with the sealant rings.

    I appreciate you letting us know about the issue and sincerely appreciate your business.
  7. jkingrph

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    Bob I understand and certainly would not want to receive some that had leaked out. That would be a mess. Like I said the "instructions" a moulded in picture of pliars was not very vislble and for my arthritic hands a bit difficult to remove. At least I know how when it comes time to remove the next one.

    The label probably is a good idea.


    no more on this subject from me.

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