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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenClips, May 28, 2006.

  1. GreenClips

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    my toro lawn mower leaves a little line of grass down the middle of my stripe. when i looked under the deck it seems to me that the blades have about a eighth inch gap in between the blades. i think this is what is causing the line of grass left. what should i do?
  2. mowingmachine

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    Unless your blades are timed you will have a gap between them. The blades are set at an angle to get the proper overlap. The rooster tails are most likely caused by either mowing too tall of grass or mowing too fast in heavy conditions. Every finish mower will do it if pushed hard enough.
  3. Roger

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    The problem may be caused by the kind of blades you are using. I have a couple of different kinds of blades, with different lifts, widths, etc. Only good notched airfoil blades will NOT leave a mark -- Gators, super-hift blades, will leave a small streak. I think the matter is not how close the blades, but rather how they change air flow under the deck.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Yes like Roger said it might be the type of blade you're using. I leave that strip with mulching blades...
  5. Daner

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    IMOO...Its your blade timming...Not the gap inbetween...Some decks...not shure of your brand... but they have to be timed one blade should be perpedicular from the other...not meeting tip to tip for your best cut.
    Not to rule out to tall of grass or going too fast
    I would resharpen and time them and give that a shot ...good luck... Daner
  6. drmiller100

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    mine does that if i don't slow down while turning gentle turns, have dull blades, or am going just genereally too danged fast.
  7. DEEJ

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    There is no such thing as "timing" the blades on a deck that is driven with a V belts. If the deck is driven with a cogged belt (like an automotive timing belt) and has cogged pulleys to match, then yes the blades can be timed, but not with a V belt.

    With a V belt you can set the blades anywhere you want relative to each other, and a few minutes later they will be wherever they want to be. With slip on the pulleys, and ever so slightly different diameter pulleys, the blades will move out of the timed position in no time at all.

    Timing V belt driven blades is a myth. Timing cog belt driven blades is possible and required on some brand of machines.

    Now, that said, I believe the Toro is V belt driven, so there is no blade timing possible. The center blade is set slightly forward of the two outer blades, so the blades overlap in the cutting path, but will never hit each other.

  8. ocelot27

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    Exactly what he said. Unless it's a toothed belt or chain there is no "timing." The left blade always has the lightest load and slips less than the middle blade and so on. Besides, belts are designed to slip in isolating the engine from shocks.

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