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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pcnservices, May 13, 2005.

  1. pcnservices

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    Guys did I get me a steal here or what?
    Yesterday, on my way home, me and my wife stopped at a garage sale and there was this Lawn-Boy DuraForce 6.5 hp 2 cycle with Easy Stride self propel drive system. The mower looked brand new - wheels, deck (top and underneath) everything looked like this mower has hardly ever worked - even the blade has not been sharpened yet. I asked the lady and she said she used it twice and wants $80 for it. I knew these mowers don't come cheap. I bargained with her and eventually got it $75.
    It starts and works like a rolls royce compared to my other push mowers. I'm really impressed.
    I looked at the model and did a search on Lawn-Boy's website and the MSRP for this mower is $518.
    I did not take a picture of the mower yet to show you, but here's the link to this specific model and all the specs I found on the website.
    Tell me what you think.
    Good Luck
  2. Davis Lawn Mowing LLC

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    Damn, thats a steal and a half pcn. Good job man. :p
  3. Grass Masters

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    Some people have all of the luck lol
  4. Gravely_Man

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    Just take the time and go over the mower and check everything. Once you do that you will have a very nice mower for quite some time.


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