Garavely compact pro44" 250hour review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MONINAMONEY, Oct 31, 2011.


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    After 250 hours of use so far the Gravely has not let me down yet.
    I run a mulching kit all the time. The fuel consumption is up a little because of it but, it is not a big deal. I found that original blades are the way to go for cut quality.
    At around 150 or so hours I noticed cut quality started to diminish somewhat. I checked the belt tension and spark plugs and noticed the right plug was fouled. I replaced the plugs and mower runs and cuts great. I read in someone’s post that you should let the machine idle a bit before shutting down. I was doing that sometimes 5 plus minutes while I used the blower on accounts that are side by side. The mechanic told me that while letting the machine idle a half minute was not a bad idea but, was not necessary and longer periods could lead to the right cylinder richening up and fouling the plug. I call bs but have not had an issue since.

    The things that I would change to make this mower better
    Suspension seat
    ¼ inch increments instead of half inch
    Rpm gauge
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    5 minutes sounds like a really long time to let it idle before shutting it down. I only let it idle for the amount of time it takes me to climb off the mower and fasten the fastraps.

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    That is what i'm doing now. no issues since.

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