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Garden pond creation software

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Andre_Hedegaard, May 15, 2007.

  1. Andre_Hedegaard

    Andre_Hedegaard LawnSite Member
    from Denmark
    Messages: 12

    Hello all,

    After having searched the www, I was unable to find software that is dedicated to creating garden ponds.
    There is landscaping software out there that includes basic pond structures, but that is just appearance of a pond, nothing about what elements are used.

    The software I had in mind has the following:
    1-Free drawing with your mouse the area and then rotate it in 3D, so that you can draw the slopes and depth.
    The software then calculates how much water the pond needs, pump requirements e.t.c

    2-You tell the program which area you live in, and the program automatically checks your local area's temperature range and seasonal changes through NASA's online geotemp. so that the software uses these data to calculte how much water evaporation can be expected and then informs you basically when to top it up with water, or what to expect in which month.

    3-You precisely specify which plants and where they are situated in the pond, so that the software again calculates the bacterial levels and their effeciency, also coming with suggestions on biofilters, UV lights e.t.c

    4-Or you let the software draw/tell you which plants to put where for a maximum beneficial throughput.

    5-The software has an extensive database of products, so that you basically only draw a waterfall at which height, and the software works out, what products you need, including hosing and gaskets and which pumps your need to fulfill the optimum oxygen levels. Then when you click & add extra fish the software automatically works out what their needs are and adjusts plants/pumps accordingly.

    6-Included is a database over every fish type that could live in the pond you created. Obviously koi ponds are different. As are other large outdoor lakelike ponds that could support even larger fish.
    The software then adjusts combinations of fish varieties and their amount. For example, you can't have guppies and xxxxxx (forgot the English name for it sorry) as these fish terrorize each other.

    7-Sofware also emulates what your pond will look like in winter and come with suggestions as you build it in real time about what to consider.
    Hitting the "time advance" button, you can emulate how the envirnment will change over a few years, such as in how rapidly plants grow, how fish will survive e.t.c.

    8-"Space provider" is where you tell the software about the immediate surroundings, so that the software can show you about shadows cast on the pond, too close to xx or yy tree that could be a problem with leaves e.t.c.

    9-"Rock formation creator" would allow the software to show you onscreen which rock types and in what order they are laid out to create a natural look and feel.

    10-"Bio analyser" would calculate which chemical products would need to be added and at what dosage according to your pond shape/size/structure. Also it would calculate how much bacterial throughput there would be available.

    11-The software, when you've completed all details, will run an analysis of how much chemicals would need to be added and how much time the pumps need to run, that way saving you money. Of course this emulation would always be a little off, but even with a mere 80% accuracy, would still point you in the right direction.

    Is there software out there that can handle even some of these features?
    If so, would you please enlighten me to what it is?

    If there isn't, how many of you would be interested in such software? And how much would you pay for it?
    I've seen landscape software that sold above 1500$ thats just ridiculous!

    If no such software exists, I just might be interested in creating my own that as a basic minimum has all the features I just listed. Although this would take time and would only do it if I could sell it afterwards.

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