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    Just Looking Some Feed Back On Spring Garden Shows I'm Looking Into Doing A Booth Focusing On Watergardening,hardscapes And Lighting. Is It Worth The Trouble And If It Is What Are Some Tricks To A Good Booth To Grab Potential Clients. Thanks
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    I think like most info on site it will vary from one region to another. In Phx there seem to be 2-3 variety 's of landscapers.

    The ones that are involved in the local associations and awards programs. Their work is also in magazines like Phx home and Garden and Sunset. They send their employees to educational seminars. In general do a good quality install and always have work

    Then there are the others that are on local TV/advertisement TV and they also seem to do the home shows. These also include nurseries that do landscape installs even though they are not licensed, a personal pet peeve. Call me a snob but those home show guys rarely have the quality or the good designs that the associations LCO's do. They also seem to advertise a lot.

    I went to one home show as a homeowner and it was more crowded that some concerts I have been to. I also worked one with a friend that owned a fountain/statuary store. I encountered the tightest, cheapest, do it yourself, ideal stealing people I have ever met, would'nt do it again in a million years. But thats just me, here.

    The third variety of Landscaper is the elitist, not associated with anyone in the industry, charges 10's of thousands for a design and they look pretty but are mechanically a mess. Poor irrigation systems, lighting/wiring, ponds with no filtration systems. No possible way to maintain them, way over-planted, Go to Europe to get Ideas and purchase art/statuary/pots for the garden.
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    I like the Home, Lawn & Garden Show's myself. I have been setting up booth's at them for 15 years. I always get ton's of leads. Usually more than I can run down. And the leads aren't just for the next two weeks or two months of work. I just finished a sodding, Retaining wall, Landscaping job on a lake house that I met the customer at Last Feb at a Home show, 15K. I am going to set up a booth this week for that same show. The previous job we just finished before this lake house, was for a landscaping, seeding and concrete drive/walkways, $24K , came from same show last year.

    The show's are as good as you make them. If you have a small booth and just sit at the back of it waiting for someone to approach you, you will get some action but not as much as if you stand at the front of the booth and hand out information packets.

    I would suggest starting with a small booth if you've never done this before. Get a banner made that looks good, says who you are and what you do. The trade show people claim they provide you with a name banner, but it's just a cardboard sign. Test the waters and see if you like it.

    I put a box on something at the front of my booth with a nice picture of a Lawn that is extremely green and weed free. A sign is on the box that says "does your lawn look like this? It Can ! Register here for a free one year lawn spray program. All entries will receive a free lawn analysis." I will have a box full of names by the end of the show. Draw one name out and the rest get a "free lawn analysis" We go out and look at the lawn, leave them an estimate sheet in the door if they are not home, talk to them if they are. It's easy pickens'

    I will go to 4 shows this spring. I have a salesman who will run the names that are dropped into the register boxes.

    The shows work, if you work the show. It's up to you.

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