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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ianc, Apr 7, 2001.

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    Just an open question - my client just called and asked for a concept of a garden structure for outdoor entertaining and dinner seating - NOTE: the customer owns a steel fabrication company - so the structure will be engineered and fabricated by him and he likes challenges - I just have to concept the look

    some of the Criteria
    - 20x20 size - (winter snow load 50lbs per sq ft)
    - one support coloumn (I am not kidding)
    - fit in with the surrounding landscape

    Concept sketchs

    May make the outer 2' of perimiter open web

    any comments appreciated

  2. Stonehenge

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    Sounds like it'd be a nifty project. I don't know what the surrounding area is like and what limitations there are, or what the customer plans to do in that area (what type of entertaining).

    That being said, I think a support column in the middle would work out great. The column would double as a place to run elec and water to a bar/grill parked right in the center, and the column would either be or would support some sort of overhead vent to suck the smoke from the grill out and exhaust it outside the top of the structure.

    With only 20'x20' to work with, this bar/grill couldn't be that big, but it would definitely be a party-goer's paradise!
  3. ianc

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    Well would'nt ya know it - I forgot to mention he doesn't want a centre post - has to be offset - this gets more interesting by the minute

    Good Idea about the party grill - I was thinking boring table chairs, that makes better sence

    The reasoning for putting the support column structure in plain view and ontop of the roof - is to have a cleaner look at the underside of the roof. He can put a ceiling fan and some nice fibre optic lighting up in the underside of the roof - without worrying about all the structure gussets

    rough layout

    this client hasn't responded to my e-mail showing the concept structure designs - should be interesting his reaction - this guy worries me - because if I am remotly close in the design - it will be engineered, out for shop drawings and I won't know untill it shows up on site!

  4. greens1

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    The design concept is strongly reminicent of the flying buttress designs that you see incorperated into the european cathedrals. You may want to check out some of the cathedral designs for ideas.
    I tend to be more of a traditonalist when it comes to landscape design, but it certainly looks like an interesting project. Please post final layout, I would love to see it.
    Good Luck

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