Garden Tractor or ZTR?? HELLLP

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by chek6, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. chek6

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    Thanks for any and all advice! Nice thing about the internet. There is always someone that knows LOTS more than you do that is willing to lend advice.
    I have 2 hilly acres with 35 old oak trees. I am retiring my Simplicity 7117 I dont use ground engagement tools.Heres my ??
    I need a replacement. I have been looking @ GTs not because I need the capability but because my yard is tough on a tractor. The hills are tough on the transaxle and the bigger wheels seem to reduce wheel spin. Mowing around the trees on the hills puts a lot of stress on the front axle. I want to stay around $3000-$4000 tops. I have been looking at the Husqvarna GTH2248XP but the dealer threw me a curve and said "Why not a ZTR?" He sells Encore as well as Husqvarna. Will a ZTR meet my needs? Can I pull an aerator, spreader, cart? How are they on hills? Can I mulch/ bag that MOUNTAIN of oak leaves in the fall? My Simplicity has gone 23 years, I would like to get 15 out of my next unit. Thanks for your expertise!! Think Spring!!:eek:
  2. MacLawnCo

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    I would not recomend trying to get a Ztr for 3-4000. It wont be a quality unit. But a ztr will do everything you want.
  3. PaulJ

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    For durability and hill stability. Look into a hydro walkbehind (48"-54") You can get a Lesco new for under $4000, or check into other brands. YOu can ad a sulky if you don't want to walk. A commercial walkbehind will probably outlast most garden tractors, and be more stable on hills.

    Find a dealer that has one in stock and demo it, see what ya' think.
  4. chek6

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    I guess I never thought about a walk behind with 2 very hilly acres, Do many people do that. I am all for staying in shape but..... My last house, I used to mow 1.75 acres with a 22" self propelled lawn mower. That, however, was flat and open. Took me about 3 hours. Any other comments?? Thanks so much for the input,
  5. fdew

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    Here is another thought. A out front rider. Such as the Ferris Pro cut 20 You would need to fingd one used to fit your price range, but they are very good on hills and under trees. they are good on hills because they are built very low and under trees because the mower is way out front.

    Even a used one should go 15 years easy.

  6. ahah

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    Commercial walk behinds are the best for inclines. A 48" hydro unit with a velke (that thing that people ride on behind a walk behind) would be my first choice. 2 acres in an hour....easily.
    28 cuts per year in NE Indiana = 56 hours per year. 56 hours per year times 15 years =840 hours on a commercial machine. When you get done with the 15 years, look me up, I just might buy that 48" hydro from you, but I bet you keep it another 15 years.
  7. gogetter

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    The problem with suggesting a WB for this gentleman is that he wants to pull things around the yard. Not going to be able to do that with a WB.

    3 or 4 grand would get you either a "homeowner" grade ZTR or a fairly heavily used commercial grade ZTR.
  8. johnhenry

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    chek6 you had that Simplicity tractor for 23 years. wow shows that you took care of it.The best advice I could give you is stick with the simplicity tractor.They make the best garden & homeowner tractor out today.Plus if your model is 23 years old.You will be in for a surprise to see how far they have come.Forget the wb and the Husqvarna.Any ztr under $5000 isn't really any good and isn't no match for your needs.

    fdew said about the Ferris front rider is true.But the cost will be alot higher than 4000

    You could get a simplicity broadmoor or conquest and have a great tractor and will pull what you want.
    The encore or Husqvarna wont pull your stuff.Hope this helps
  9. johnhenry

    johnhenry LawnSite Senior Member
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    Almost forgot.Welcome to lawnsite:)
  10. chek6

    chek6 LawnSite Member
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    :confused: Thanks for all of your replys. I think I will end up with a garden tractor. It seems to meet my needs the best. About the Simplicity, My neighbor has a new Conquest. It is a nice unit but few new GTs that I have seen feel anywhere near as solid as my old Soveriegn. I just dont have the time to be tinkering with it all of the time. Any experience with Kubota? We have an excellent dealer here in town, nice group of guys. Would love to give them my business but their gear is expensive. He has a smoking good deal on a BX2200 but that is WAY more than I need. I do like their ZTRs. Thanks again for your input.

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