Garner, NC - 2014 Gravely Pro-Turn 260

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    Gravely Pro-Turn 260 commercial zero-turn mower. 960 hours.
    Kawasaki 850V 27 HP
    Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Commercial transaxles
    60" deck
    Gravely Light Kit
    Mobil-1 5W-30 every 100 hours
    Summer of 2018, I replaced the rear tires with new Carlisle Turfmasters. I also replaced both deck belts with new Stens belts.
    Brand new deck anti-scalp wheels, blades, and battery.

    On October 1, mower was stolen from my shop along with my trailer. A few days later, the sheriff's dept. caught the guy with the mower still on the trailer. My insurance company had already paid for a replacement mower. This week the insurance company and I came to a settlement on my claim and I get to keep the mower. That's why all the new parts. I had already bought the new parts as I had no plans to sell it. I'm a solo lawn care business and this mower was still going to be my machine for next season. It is absolutely 100% ready to go.

    Both tanks are full of fuel (over 13 gallons) with Sta-Bil. Machine could be run all winter or could be put away for next spring. Nothing needs to be done. I have no problem if someone wants to take a test drive here at my house.

    Mower is in great condition. Mechanically perfect. Just some normal paint scratches and flaking primarily on the deck.


    Garner, NC



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    This guy takes extremely good care of his equipment. I will vouch for that. Lets get you on some green equipment, Jamie! -Tim
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    :laugh: Thanks for the bump.
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    OK. Christmas is over and its time to start planning out the new season. Just wanted to bump this up. Starting to get a couple of emails so I assume people are starting to look.
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