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    Well here is my youthful story. I am 19 years old as of January 24th. I bought into Garrett Lawn and Landscaping in hopes of simply making a little money. This is my 3rd Business I have owned and will be the first one I have not actually built myself. I have owned a freight brokerage company that was in business for over a year and doing well and had just started a trucking company of my own also. I did good and made good money for a 19 year old I would say but just simply was not happy sitting in an office dealing with some of the people I had to deal with. I have always loved the outdoors and wanted to do somesort of work outside. Well I decided why not buy into a fairly well established lawn care business and just go for it. So I did. My dad is running my 3 trucks with his trucking company and is just playing around with my freight brokerage I had for now. I upgraded my partners equipment as well as mine and have relieved some finances my partner had on the front end of the buy in. I know that good money might or might not come this year but I have enough to live on this year and pay my bills and eat. When talking to my dad about this whole new venture he simply said " your not ever going to get anywhere doing something in business halfass, take everything you have and go at it 100% you have the knowledge to lead people and talk to people so go out and do it " this was not waht I expected my father to tell me but its what he said. So thats what I am doing. I have kicked in a marketing plan for this year to add some accounts and try to bring in a little more revenue and get this business built up basically as big as I can. We have 3000 doorhangers, add in yellowpages,, newspaper, radio, and are going door to door every saturday. We have gotten out trucks stickered up professionaly and gotten work shirts made as well just trying to show that professional image. We have had some good leads and locked onto some good comercial accounts already doing landscaping. I guess I was just letting yall know my story....

    ... anyone that has any advice feed it to me. I love learning anything new and look to make my entrance into this market a big deal. But hey who doesn't want to do that! Thanks

    Don Garside

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