Gas can Fire in Truck Bed

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Atlantic Lawn, Dec 12, 2002.

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    I just saw on TV, a gas can catch fire and it's owner with it, while standing in the back of his pick up truck. He was filmed on the security cam,if you get a chance to see it you'll get an awesome reminder of how important it is to fill cans outside of the truck.I guess it had a bed liner and the tank wasn't grounded.The guy jumps outa' the truck and runs around while a few other people try to put him out. He was 59 yrs old and has burns on a lot of his body now. I know this should be in the "off topic forum" but thought it would serve as a reminder to us all to take the can outa' the truck, I know I will.
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    i have always heard that gas and bedliners dont mix, what exactly is it that causes the problem??? whats a solution for it?
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    static electricity causes the sprark that ignights the gas fumes. a few years ago a guy down in chester virginia, blew his truck and a gas pump up filling in his truck bed. I dont know if he is ok or not.

    Robert ONeal

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    man that is horrible!! I have never heard of bed linners causing problems with fuel. Must be some sort of chemical reaction. I know at times I practice unsafe habbits around fuel. Also guys remember if you have your trailers exposed to the elements outside do not forget about the New Years comming up. Every new years and 4th of July I get nervous. I always store my cans inside the garage for fear some kids bottle rocket etc. will ignite too close to my gas cans.
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    Cajuncutter I saw the same video. What a mess and I feel sorry for the man especially this time of year.

    Safe tips for fueling portable gas cans.


    1. Touch the side of the truck with your hand to discharge any static electricity.

    2. Make sure the gas nozzle stays in contact with the can during the entire filling process.

    3. Never use cell phone while filling any vehicle.

    4. Always fill on the ground

    5. Leave yourself an escape route

    Practice and educate safe fueling habits
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    fire extinguisher in truck always a good idea.
  7. I seen a report about a lady who had a cell phone and somehow it cause her van to catch on fire while she was fulling up and talking on the cell phone at the same time.
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  9. Joel B.

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    Is there a danger when filling a plastic gas can sitting on a spray in bedliner? I always heard the danger was when filling a metal gas can sitting on a plastic bedliner.


    Joel B.
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    WoW I'm scared to goto the gas station now!

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