Gas can? Metal or plastic?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by skyphoto, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. skyphoto

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    What kind of cans do you all use? Ive seen other discussions where they said plastic was not legal and others that used old air tanks to hold mixed fuel in and was just wanting to see what everyone used on there own rigs.

    I have seen guys put diesel in gas containers but noticed they sell containers just for diesel so I played it safe and bought the diesel container for my I being silly or is this a law?

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  2. mdb landscaping

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    beleive it or not, last summer the police were pulling over all the landscapers and issuing fines if they had gas in plastic cans. they seem to be getting really strict about it. i know a guy whos truck ignited because he had a metal can in a truck bed without a liner and static caused it to explode. the best bet is to buy the approved metal cans i think
  3. GREG R

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    Believe it or not but I have never heard
    of this law but come to think about it does
    sound safer to use metal.
    I use the plastic one because they slide
    better across the road when they fall off
    the trailers!! (ha ha)
  4. gene gls

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    I use plastic. Besure to mark the mix can for the hand tools. I use blue for diesle.

  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    We use the 5 gal Plastic "cans" that they sell at Hme Depot
  6. lee b

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    Plastic, they're cheaper and the one's I bought said they were approved to transport gas in. Never heard of the law pertaining to them. Persumed ignorant until caught is my motto.
  7. TLS

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    Plastic is O.K. as long as you dont fuel up with them in the bed of your truck. They can generate static and when not grounded, can cause MAJOR problems. I have been using a 5 gallon plastic for my Lawn Boy for at least 5 years now and guess what (knock on wood!!) no explosions! I use Terene (sp?) Metal Eagle Safety Cans for all my straight gas for the other equipment. Also no explosions.

  8. bob

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    Plastic. A metal 5 gallon D.O.T. transport can is around $180 in my Conney safety catalog.
  9. Chopper Lover

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    I am sure you know this but for the benefit of those that don't the issue with static electricity comes from the plastic bed liners in pick up trucks. The can slides around creating static, you touch the nozzle to the plastic can and it arc's causing a small fire which burns your truck, the gas station, then half the block to the ground. As a fireman I don't mind that, but as a lawn business owner I believe it is not the most productive way to spend your day.

    As for Metal or Plastic:

    There was a thread on this issue just a few weeks ago and I can't find it. It had to do with someone getting fined $7000 by OSHA for having plastic fuel cans...

    It may be a DOT requirement to have metal cans. I believe it is also an OSHA requirement to have metal fuel cans. I read somewhere there are different requirements for different size containers. I use plastic currently and will be switching to metal ASAP.

    Police Departments can enforce Motor Vehicle laws which may call for DOT approved containers. I don't believe police departments have jurisdiction or authority to enforce OSHA regulations. Check your state laws pertaining to the transport of hazardous materials.


    I finally found it. The date was off a little, it was originally written in January of 2000...

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  10. TLS

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    Why do they make plastic gas cans then??? Are you supposed to walk from your home to the gas station, fill it up, and WALK back to your house to fill up your mower? Heck NO! This is just a rumor, havent seen any LAWS about gasoline transport until it reaches 30 or more gallons in a single container.


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