Gas Cans and Storage

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wangel, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. Wangel

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    I use 3 red 5 gallon plastic containers. I'm not real happy about them, as they are the round barrel type which tip easily and are too heavy (about 35 lbs) when full. I've been looking at a way to share my vehicles gas tank or to install a dual gas tank to my vehicle and use this extra tank for gas storage and fills by adding a small electric pump or nozzle.

    What do you use for gas containers? With gas getting so expensive, (I've had a few stolen off my truck) you almost need to lock these down!

    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    If you do a search "gas cans" you can see several inputs from guys before, including some states' safety requirements - but I do like your idea of using a tank on the truck. Let us know if you do it and how it works for you. It's "funny", too, that when gas was 19 cents people stole it just as much!

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