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    never once seen one of these, not a single one. not at dealers, not at stores, not at tool shops or anywhere else.

    i call bs on your "fact"
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    These cans also work great for DEF fluid. One of my trucks is a 2013 Ram 2500 with the DEF. The DEF packages with the spout are a huge joke. I have no idea how anybody could ever use the spout to fill their truck.

    All you have to do is simply Google No Spill and the page count goes back over 20 pages for all the places that sell them. From mom and pop joints to Amazon everyone sells them. Amazon had the best prices before even with shipping factored in.

    I see your in a small city of 75,000 and many of the shops there may be so podunk they are still lagging the newer trends. Here in the Austin metro market where I'm at (over 1,000,000) I can buy the cans from probably 20 places.

    Here is a place in your town you can buy them There are probably more places they just lack a web presence. From your own statements it sounds like you are judging a can you have never seen or used before as though you are an expert.
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    its science, the mechanism that stops the flow, by its nature, slows the flow. i'm not saying its a bad product and that people shouldn't buy it, im saying that even if i bought one, im still going to take the spout completely off just like i do with all my other cans. so i do not get a benefit.

    also, the government can get the F&#K out of my life. carb cans do not effect gasoline prices. they do not help in any way, and as far as im concerned, its not law. the constitution requires a vote of representatives elected of the people to create law. the people making these regulations are not elected of the people and do not operate under the authority of the constitution. and thus it can not be law because the constitution is the ONLY legal authority in this land.
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    The main reason for the CARB stuff is air pollution and ozone issues. It has nothing to do with fuel prices. The goal is to keep gas in cans where it belongs and not have millions of gas cans across the U.S. sitting around out gassing.

    For enclosed trailers the cans are great because you have no issue with fumes building up on hot days. Hand held equipment is where the push button metering allows you to easily fill up small tanks quickly and minimize over filling is great.

    You do not get the glug glug issue with No Spill that you get with a lot of the other cans. The spout actually flows more air then the old school tiny breather holes. I would suggest actually trying one of these cans instead of having you feedback be based on opinion instead of experience.

    Birddseedd I find your prior comment about Apple using it's own software and never being succesful because of it pretty interesting. Have you not looked at the NASDAQ and Apples value in the last ten years? It's one of the most valuable companies in the world.
  5. birddseedd

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    until you press the button, and all the pressurized gas spurts out. Not only does this defeat the purpose, but it creates a safety hazard as you now have several lbs of pressurized explosive fuel in a container not designed to hold pressure.
  6. birddseedd

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    inwhich they never accomplished until they started developing products outside of the pc market.
  7. hackitdown

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    I have had 2 no-spills for 4 years or so. They work well.

    I like the sight gauge on the side. Simple and useful.
  8. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Gas is a solvent and the atmosphere acts as a solute. When you contain the gas in a CARB approved can it does not evaporate. The amount of pressure that escapes a CARB can when you use it does not equal the amount of fumes that are released into the atmosphere by non CARB approved cans that vent non stop 24 hours a day.

    The cans also have a flame arrester that would not allow fumes outside the can to ignite and go back into the can causing an explosion. The cans flow 3 gallons per minute which is better then most cans with a tiny breather hole.

    Apple also makes more money per sale on computers then any other large company. This is why IBM sold it's PC business to Lenovo. This is why Dell stock price is crap.
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    No Spill is the best I've seen so far.
  10. birddseedd

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    the flame arrestor part is a non issue, I have set and watched flames burning at the end of my spout it cannot blow up. liquid gasoline does not burn all it will do is burn off the gasoline that is a evaporating off of the top of the liquid fuel. you need a small torch to light a small area, say under a car you can fill a small plastic container with fuel such as a cottage cheese container, and light it on fire you will have a small flame burning on top of it until you eventually run out of fuel
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