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    Good Lord! I get pretty much a full hour running my Echo PB 770T full throttle for leaf cleanups. I never paid much attention, but I think I only refill it every three days or so when using it to blow clippings while mowing.

    I keep my mix fuel in a 1.25 gal No-Spill can for ease of filling with the small can. It varies depending on workload, but I usually get 2 days at least from that can between the string trimmer and 2 blowers. (handheld and backpack)
    I put more in my trimmer than I use in my blowers by far.
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    Well I have a handheld blower, so I assume it uses less gas than a bigger one, but I'm pretty sure one tank would last all day on the blower mowing average things. But I probably use the blower 5 minutes or less per lawn. The weed trimmer I'm using 20-30 minutes on average, so I guess it will go about an hour on one tank.
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    yes you heard right. the honda engine trimmer will last an hour or so on one tank of gas.

    typical day i trim maybe 30min at the most. some days longer but you get the point.

    most yards i trim 5-10 min and blow 5-10min.

    i do have some where i trim 15-30min.

    on a normal day i work all day and my trimmer is only half empty and sometimes less. i just top it off every day when i get home.
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    What size are your lawns? I need to time myself again, but I'm pretty sure it takes me an average of 15-20 minutes, and that's with a 21" mower. Of course, the edging seems to take the longest, so maybe the 21" doesn't make a big difference.
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    i have mostly large lawns. a few small ones. my largest is 4 acres. i have a couple around 2 1/2 acres and several about 1 acre. i only have a handful of small lawns that take 30min or less. most of my yards take 1hr all the way up to 3hrs to complete.

    on the large lawns most of the time is just the mowing. the trimming is minimal. trimming on the 4 acre yard is 30 min but that is because it has a lake on it and i have to trim around the edge of the lake.

    the 2 1/2 acre yards have about 15min of trimming. 1 acre yards maybe 10min of trimming. small yards 5-10min of trimming.

    i have a couple that have about 10min of edging since they have sidewalks.

    most yards i do have no edging required or only 5-10min of edging.
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    Well that makes me feel a little better. I need to time everything, but I know the edging takes longer. Still, I don't think I could trim an acre in less than 15 minutes, but fortunately for me (because of the mower I'm using) I haven't had the pleasure of doing that lately. :)

    Anyway, I suppose I should go back to the topic of gas cans, but that makes me angry so I have no more comments. :)

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    I have a 10 foot trailer with a lockbox in the front with a 2.5 gallon tank with premix in it. I don't do massive properties so I don't need a huge tank.

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