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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ben's Landscape, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Ben's Landscape

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    I went into my shed today to get some equipment out to work on my lawn. I looked over at my 5 gallon Blitz gas can and it was wiked blown up!! The can wasn't in a square shape but instead a round shape. Granted the temp today was about 90. What would happen if this can was in the bed of my truck?? Why don't they put vents on the new gas cans any more?? As far as i can see that Blitz gas cans are HORRIBLE!!! So i took the cap off and it was still venting air like 5 mins later!!! Good thing i went into the shed when i did because the can looked like it would Blow up!!!
  2. TheC-Master

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    Happens to me too, heat builds pressure. I just take the caps off when I'm mowing and put them back on when I'm driving, unfortunately one fell and leaked some, but isn't a huge deal. Somewhat annoying though. I might go back to metal. Also the heat builds the pressure up much mower in the shed than outside.
  3. Think Green

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    All I can honestly say, without hatred, about the new EPA carb compliant system is---I wish they had those things in their @s$! Those tree hugging curds, don't use these cans nor their inventions any more than a bartender. Who in the world thought that by not allowing a volatile substance the ability to vent pressure under heat,is a total idiot........and I hope they are reading my post!!!!?!?!?!?!?! Obviously our countries law makers and ecology professors don't work outside in the heat, or maybe it doesn't get hot up there on Mars where they are from. Sorry, Vented a little bit on some of the idiotic inventions that seem to pass legislation in this Country.
    Needless to say, the things can be effective and will not swell in hot weather or impode during cold weather............just look at the construction of the center pin and spring can figure it out from there! There are other safe methods of releasing gases from plastic.............just think about it.....and do it so water won't get in!!
  4. sweetz

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    I've had mine do that too! I pretty much started laughing though when it shrank! There was only a little bit of gas in it & I went to grab it to use it - then I saw the can - I think I started to laugh! It had collapsed on itself! It was warm/cool out.:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: It was still closed & almost flat!
  5. siclmn

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    Yes my newest cans are doing that too. Why can't one just drill a very tiny vent hole in the top of each can? The hole would be so tiny that you couldn't see it with the naked eye.
  6. clipperslawnservice

    clipperslawnservice LawnSite Member
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    thats what i do, drill a very small hole in the non-spout cap.
  7. Ben's Landscape

    Ben's Landscape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thats what i usually do but this was a new can and i haven't yet. Guess that is #1 priorty now.
  8. Ben's Landscape

    Ben's Landscape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I totally agree.:):) These tree huggers have put a huge dent into just the equipment we run. I am repowering my lawnboy with a 4 stroke just to keep them away!!
  9. siclmn

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    Well I just drilled a tiny hole in the top of the can and now when it sloshes gas leaks out,so that was a stupid idea. I will now seal it with a tiny screw and start over. I think the push button valve can have a hole drilled somewhere inside of it maybe. It will be another experiment. Vent less gas cans that sit in the sun all day????? What are they thinking??????
  10. lazer 46

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    I drilled a hole in the top of the can and installed a brass pitcock. They come in different sizes. Turn it in and it vents, turn it out and it's closed. Works great. You can do the same thing with a tire valve also.

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