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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Braveheart, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. jequigle

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    Depending on the CC company, you can limit how much can be put on the card per day.
  2. Southern Heritage

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    We have 2 guys allowed to fuel up and they make sure all the equipment stays full. I had a crew chief years ago run a $1400.00 fuel bill at a marina one Saturday. I called the marina they said he was drunk and buying everyone fuel. I about lost it. Obviously helots his job.
  3. gusbuster

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    Real simple and this is what require are crews.

    By the way, fleet cards are a great answer for fueling. Many places now, because of hazardous waste rules, not a real option for bulk fuel because of the increased paper work and environmental laws

    What we do is :
    Fleet card, mandatory od reading is necessary.
    For tanks, truck od reading is necessary. (usually can drive at least 100 miles in stop go traffic before gas fill up is necessary. depending on route and required work, gas can fill up around 4 per pair of cans on trucks)
    A receipt needs to be turned in to office.
    It is made clear that if no receipt is given, that gas is taken out and treated as an advance.
    Remeber, in god we trust, everybody else pays.

    The receipt thing is the trick. No matter what, you can always reconcile purchases with receipts. Catches the stupid ones all the time.

  4. Pietro

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    Wow. I can believe this is an issue. I have a citibusiness credit card. They offer employee cards too...under the same credit log into your account and decide what theyre credit line is. So if you know they need to spend $200 on fuel.....set his limit to $200......If the next day they need more just increase the limit. Done.
  5. GreenI.A.

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    With our fleet cards there is no need for the guys to remember the receipt. Everything on the receipt is can instantly be seen on our account online. It can be exported to excel, quickbooks, and a number of other software programs for accounting and maintenance tracking, so you don't have to worry about entering any of the information manually.

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