Gas Company trashed my lawn

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Demo, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Demo

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    About a week ago the gas company came through and put in new gas lines. I have topsoiled, and reseeded the spots where they dug the hole for access to the lines.

    Where they placed the dirt from the holes they dug, the dirt sat on top of the lawn for about 4 days. After they placed the dirt back in the holes, I went out, and blew all the dirt out of the lawn that was covered by it, then raked it.

    I would like to get that area of the lawn to start to regrow, and fill in again without haveing to apply new top soil, and reseed it.

    I overseeded it, with my favorite seed, and starter fert. I have been watering it twice aday when I water the newly seeded top soil.

    Some of the grass is green other parts are brown as a result of it being deprived of air, and light.

    Any other suggestions for restoring the lawn/root system to get it back to where it was.

    I also thought about cutting it back shorter to see if that might help.

    I have attached a couple pictures



  2. kirk1701

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    I've had the water company do me the same way, as the frontage is on the county they do have that right. However what's not right is them just leaving and not fixing it back to the original spec's that the homeowner maintains to start with :hammerhead:

    Your doing the right thing, I wouldn't cut shorth though, the more groth you have the more moist it will stay which is what you need. Just keep it wet like your doing, you'll be fine in two weeks.
  3. Demo

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    Thanks, by the way they are cutting me a check, instead of having a sub do the work (my choice). I am particular about the seed I use, and did not want a contractor using some crap seed.

    I will keep it watered and see what happens. I am also having the lawn aerated today, and will have them do the bad area at the same time.

    If anyone else has any other suggestions, I am all ears.
  4. bigslick7878

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    Where are you at and what kind of seed are you using?
  5. Demo

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    I'm in buffalo, NY. I have had great success with a pennington mix of Tall fescues, and bluegrass, which consists of 3-4 hearty varieties of Tall fescues, and Kentucky bluegrass (myco coated).

    I have used this seed for the last two years, and had tremendous results.

    I just winterized the lawn with 24-0-11 Lesco fert, and selectivly used starter fert where the grass was covered with the dirt, along with overseeding. I also had the whole lawn (including the trashed area) aerated yesterday.

    Now is our growing season for turf, and thankfully the timing re: the Gas Companies digging, was good so that I can get the damage repaired.
  6. bigslick7878

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    Yeah I figured you were in a cold wether area the grass you have now looks like more of a fine fescue mix that is why I asked.

    Just keep it watered and seed the bare spot like 3 times over so it gets fully filled in or weeds will fill in spring time.

    Everytime you see some new gernmination throw some more seed on top and do that a few times to get it nice and thick like the rest of the lawn looks.

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