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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Five-Starr Lawn Care, May 1, 2006.

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    I have a Scag Tiger Cub, 100 hrs. 19 hp Kawaski. Noticed I am using approx. 1 gallon of gas every 30-40 minutes. Does this sound about right.?? I am cutting with double blades, but wasnt much better with single blades. Use 93 octane most of the time. The cub has the standard air filter on it. Would I be better off installing the cannister type ? Any help greatly appreciated.

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    The donaldson filter is expensive for a add on, i would not i don't think it will help with your fuel one to two gallons per hour sounds about right fuel is killing all of us.
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    You might get better consumption if you switch over to 87 octane. 93 is only needed in higher compression engines. the 93 burns slower (to help prevent detonation) so in theory your mower will be making less power with 93, than if you were using the faster burning 87. These differences are very small, but they make a knoticable difference, and the 87 is cheaper anyways.
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    I agree with what thelawnkid wrote. In addition I'd like to add that 1 gallon every 35 minutes in not normal. That works out to about 1.7 gallons an hour and I would think the 20 Kawi should be at or under 1 gallon an hour.

    This won't help you any but I'd like to point out that you can't just add a canister filter to a Kawasaki engine. Many times it also requires a new carb to go with that filter since the canister filter flows air at a different rate then the regular filter.
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    WOW! That's a lot of fuel used for the time involved. My 15 Kohler seems to sip fuel.
    Anytime you change the air delivery system on an engine and the octane of the fuel, plug range and carb jetting must be considered.

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