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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LS1FRC, Sep 29, 2010.

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    What is the best way to charge gasoline and keep it tracked if you have several crews filling up everyday. Stick to the same gas station, look for the cheapest rates, would like to hear what you guys think is best and what has worked for all of you.
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    Couldn't you just get fleet cards with one particular type of gas station and keep track of it that way? That way whatever was on the statement is what was used. I've never had to set up multiple trucks but I bet the statement each month would break down what each particular card charged for gas. That way you would have a truck by truck break down. Once again, this is just how I imagine it would work. It's how I would set up a fleet card deal.
  3. LS1FRC

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    Sounds good to me, Thanks for your input. I will be looking into this.
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    Around here we have a company that issues fuel keys. Each vehicle has a key and the key contains the vehicle information. The key can be set to only allow a certain fuel grade and from what I remember it can be set to only work at certain times of the day keeping fuel theft by employees to a minimum.
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  5. zturncutter

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    Messages: 1,308 This is what I use. You have to input the driver ID # and vehicle mileage at each fill up. You can have the card set up to allow just fuel purchase or other purchases like ice as well. At the end of each month you get a very detailed statement for each driver, even shows the time of the fuel purchase.

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