Gas Fumes and Ford Transit Connect or any Van

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawn_jockey, Jan 8, 2014.

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    I work PT for a painting contractor. He just has the factory divider wall with the ventilation slots covered with plexiglass. Some type of ventilation is always going and I rarely smell anything inside. We've hauled my motorcycle with a gas can and I didn't smell anything. However, when stopped, in summer months, I'd think gas fumes could get quite strong. You may investigate gas can holders bolted to the back doors. This would alleviate having to remove anything to open the rear doors. I was thinking I saw where one of the rack manufacturers on the site offer gas can holders that bolt to enclosed trailer walls. Those may work, in your case.
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    Good info guys.
    Hey ducnut, you mentioned it always had some sort of ventilation going. What did you mean by that. AC always on, windows down, aftermarket vent?
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    The only thing the Ford site says its "UNIBODY", the ones I have seen are 4cyl tranverse mounted power trains.
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    ^^^ Definitely a viable solution.

    The Transit's rear doors swing open laterally and have magnetic keepers attached to the sides of the exterior van walls. IOW, mounting cans on the outside of the rear doors would defeat this feature. My plumber mentioned how convenient this mechanism was when parking on inclines so that the doors will remain open AND completely out of the way.

    While I can see how storing gas cans outside of the inner compartment has value, they could also be stored internally so they're accessible via the passenger side sliding door. Just a thought.
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    Am just going off the link I provided highlighting the 2015s available this coming Summer. The chassis cab pics appear to have a rear do some of the other pics. Have a look.
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    You are correct and they look promising for the guys running small equipment. I wouldn't mind having the mid size CC with a dovetail bed. That would be enough to carry a small WB and a couple of 21"s plus any clippings. The more I think about it and do the math the better these small trucks, small mowers and small properties look because if done right the profits are bigger here than chasing the big properties with big expenses.
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    Mabey what I saw was a different model, Im pretty sure it was badged "Transet Connect"

    Anyway as far as fumes its not that big of a deal
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    Well I forgot what I was going to say about the fumes. I used to run a ford e350 we had a standard metal divider that was sealed off with plexi and foam rubber trim. We didn't do it for fumes as much as keeping the A/C up front.
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    Personally, even if fumes didn't reach an objectionable level, I think it is a bad idea to haul gasoline in a passenger compartment. I'm also not certain it is legal to do so. If you were a solo operator, that might be one thing, but if you hire help, I can foresee the possibility of Workman's Comp claims, etc. I can also see the possibility of insurance refusing a claim in the event of an accident.

    I'd do a lot of checking before going this route.
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