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    Hey folks!

    Need some advice, I just spent a small fortune on tubing and sheetmetal, locks, etc. Basically I built something similar to a HD mechanics service box for my two trucks to keep equipment locked up when not in use, and to allow for regular refuse storage w/ dump box. Both trucks actually came with a HD Mechanics Service box but they were useless for landscaping, and we wont even talk about how much they weighed.

    Anyway, The boxes are built, I built them basically to allow me to not tow a trailer. Unfortunately, hindsight being 20/20, I realized I've got a problem. I've got a lot of equipment boxed up, in small little closed compartments. Leads me to wonder about ventilation to get rid of gas fumes, I was thinking I should just cut some 1" holes on the inside of the boxes, but I'm not sure where to locate them. Top? Bottom? I'd really appreciate some input here...

    Once I can get the digial camera to download, I'll post pictures of the EXCELENT (If I do say so myself) new gas storage solution. I found a 5 gallon and 10 gallon fuel cell, with a 1/2" npt fitting at the bottom (Both came from a go-kart supply store) I got a neat hose/filler nozzle setup from a local distributor (meant for slip tanks) 5 gallon can is going to be mixed fuel, 10 gallon for straight gas. I did ventilate that box, it's got a 1.5" pipe going up to the top, (w/ cap) and a couple holes in the bottom. I've had some time to play with it, and it's soo amazing how much easier it is to fill equipment with this setup! Spills and overfilling will be a thing of the past!


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    Without a pic I would suggest getting some louvered vents from a boat shop. Mount them on vertical surfaces to prevent to much weather from getting inside. I would mount one low and one high so that you get some natural circulation.

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