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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by P&C Lawn Care, Feb 23, 2010.

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    Anyone had gasoline getting into their oil? This is on an old Lincoln welder with a 13hp Kohler that has fuel pump on it. This started happening after a new carb was put on it. I assumed that the float was set too hugh but that has been adjusted now. It is not just a little gas, it fills the crankcase. Thanks for any inputs.
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    This is pretty common on Kohler engines. My solution has been installing an inline fuel shut-off and turning it off after every day. No problems since. Cheap fix.
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    Depending on the fuel pump and tank location, you can get fuel flow by gravity into the carb or engine. Fuel in the oil from a bad fuel pump is also a common cause. The vacuum/pressure operated pulse pumps are just as likely to go bad as the mechanical pumps but you can't tell it except by the fuel in the oil.
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    I can tell you from my experience it is only a matter of time before an engine, any engine pulls that crap.
    Yes it's happened to me, yes it's happened to me with Kohlers but also with Briggs, and maybe none other but then
    I really only have two engines that are neither of those out of a good dozen or more...

    So I can also tell you that EVERY time it happens you HAVE to change the oil or it will cause premature wear to the engine,
    and you won't notice right away but I almost guarantee she'll blow smoke before long, so change the oil (and filter).

    And my solution only sounds like a PITA until ...
    Several oil changes and an engine or two later...
    It is the reason why I ALWAYS shut down my machines by turning off the fuel,
    wait for it to starve out, then turn off the ignition.

    Matter of fact I went one step further and made it to where most of mine can ONLY be cut off by shutting down the fuel.
    Why, because I'd forget to do it that way...
    Yup, two or three more oil and filter changes and one more engine that smokes.
    I am telling you this stuff makes hair go gray.

    Now I just have to remember to turn the fuel back on when starting.
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    that happened to me on my leaf loader. the float in the carb got messed up from it constantly being on the back of the truck going over bumps and what not. i now turn off the fuel before i drive anywhere

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