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Larry Davis

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Hi Terry,
I have a Lazer Z HP with the old style gas tanks (the ones with the smaller gas fill openings). I have a serious gas leak from the fitting on the bottom of the left tank. I am sure this happened as I was trimming along a row of hemlocks and a branch caught the fuel line and pulled on this fitting. My question is ......... how is this fitting attached to the tank? Is this a repair I can do myself or do I need to take the tank to my dealer? One more question ......... If I want to upgrade to the new style tanks with the larger gas fill openings, will they fit the same mounting holes as mine and what is the cost of the new tanks?
Larry Davis


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The fitting used on your tank was a press in type. You can replace it with the press in type or you can use a "bolt in" type that we currently use. The part number for the "bolt in" kit is 103-2604. The press in part number is 103-2605.

You can update your machine to the larger opening style tank however you can not update to the 04 "flared" tanks with throttle/choke/ignition/fuel gauge mountings. The part number for the 03 style tank with the large opening is 103-2122 for the left side and 103-2133 for the RH tank. These tanks will come with the push in style fitting pre-installed and all mounting points are identical to what you have now.

This is probably a good time to pass on a little reminder. As part of your "spring" tune up all fuel lines, fitting and clamps should be inspected. In some regions the winter months can be pretty tough on rubber components.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.



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