Gas line incidents

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    This is a gas line........

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    I remember when the airport in Newark was shut down because a construction crew drove a pile through the electrical cable that fed the complex, and yes, the site had been marked.
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    This happened September 9 2010.

    At the base of the main fire, my dad's neighbor from the old country, his house was completely blown apart from the initial blast. it was only 15 feet from the failed pipe. He and many neighbors had been complaining to Pacific Gas and Electric for over 3 years of leaking gas smell but they never could find the source.

    At first it was reported as an airplane crash since it's less than 2.5 miles west of the main Heavy runway(747's, those type of big planes)How ever it was a failed weld\rusted pipe blew up destroying over 32 homes(average cost in area is 800,000, not worth though) and killed 13 people.

    My yard is 5 minutes North east and my childhood home is located 5 minutes south of here. This personally affected me and professionally(over $22,000 landscape, erosion and irrigation work) I knew many people who had their homes destroyed by the intense fire.

    The fire\heat was wind driven that day,25 to 30 mhp winds. Besides the obvious expected damage. Down wind of fire, to this day you will see a tree canopy with burnt leaves or a hedge with the fire damage. The fire Departments that responded had to run hoses from over 2 miles away, puching\cutting\ what ever was needed to run the water lines to the fire trucks going through fences and houses.

    Why this was necessary, well when they built this development, the gas, sewer, and WATER LINES were all buried in the same dugged up trench. Different depths, but basicly the same trench. made location of utilities easy to find.

    It no longer is allowed in CA but thats the way it was done in the late 40 50's in this area as a labor savings. Not smart

    Sorry for going off topic, but this topic and it was in the news today.
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