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    Well, I ordered a FasTrak 20/52 2+ weeks ago (not here yet because mulching kit is back ordered.) It holds 12 gallons of gas, but I'm only cutting one acre. Should I fill the tanks and haul all that gas around for the three months it'll take for the mower to consume it? Or should I only put in as much gas as I'll use for one cut? Will fuel sloshing around in an almost empty tank cause problems? Can I put gas in just one of the two tanks? With my cars I like to keep the gas tanks full so humid air doesn't get in the tank and cause water to condense in the fuel. 12 gallons of fuel weighs 72 pounds, significant for a mower that rides on sometimes soft ground; I don't want to press grooves in my lawn (should I be worried about this, and if so, how can I prevent it?)
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    Fuel sloshing around in the tank is not going to hurt anything.
    You can fill 1 or both tanks, that is your choice.
    The only concern I would have is how much fuel is in the tanks @ the end of the season when it is time to store the unit for the winter.
    You can use fuel stabilizer year round to make sure your not going to have problems with stale fuel in the carburetor.
    As far as the unit weighing in more with the fuel, I wouldn't worry about it, the weight of the fuel and the operator are all taken into consideration in the design of the mower.


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