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As weather allows, we are still in the leaf cleanup stage. Many jobs waiting on the weather. Leaves are the only thing that give my sinus' a fit. For all the dust I wear a dust mask. But I also wear contacts, and all that dust in the air from leaves ends up in my eyes. I spend the next 2 days digging leaf dust from my eyes. So, I was thinking, (from my military days) what about a gas mask to cover my eyes and mouth with. It may look funny, but when your out this time of year you have all those clothes and coveralls on and funny looking hats to stop the wind anyway.

So what do you think?

Scott Campbell

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Wilkinson, IN
I would say one thing, the potential clients in your area should be impressed. After all you would be ready to provide their lawn maintenance for them even in the event of gas attack. (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Seriously though, I know what you mean about the dust. I have some pretty nasty allergies myself, and you look for relief anywhere you can find it.

You might consider this too, getting a set of sport goggles. Kind of like what the basketball players wear or ones like race drivers. I know where I used to work we had a lot of spot welding operations, and most people hated the regular safety glasses. I found some of these style goggles at the Wal-Mart Eye Center. If I remember they were around $65 a set. That was about 8 to 10 yrs ago. I am not even sure if they still carry them, but it is another idea for you to think about.


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I agree. I invest the $100 for them because they wrap around my eyes rather tightly and minimize the dust and debris into them.

Its better I feel to have prescription sunglasses I can use rather than replenishing a rather costly supply of contact lenses.

Hope this helps.


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A skin diving mask will keep the dirt out! Of course you'll lok like some eccentric, but who cares.


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hoss--this is simple: there are times to wear contacs, and there are times not to.

don't wear them on the days you are going to be in the dust.


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you can buy prescription goggles,they make them for can get them in clear or tinted.last timei checked i think they were $80.or you can get the goggles that fit over your glasses.


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I once saw this customer of mine walking around town in a gas mask because she is always having allergy problems. I know her issues, but the rest of the people watching her must have thought she was just a bit strange.