Gas Milage for Newer 1500 and 2500 trucks 2012-2013

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by abullin33, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Diesels get horrible mileage and are much more expensive to maintain, gas trucks get horrible mileage as well but don't cost near as much to maintain. Unless you are pulling heavy equipment, i would stay with the gas. I have a Ram 1500 and pull a 6 x 12 trailer with ztr and stander and average about 10 12 mpg, considering my lead foot it is better than the previous f250 super duty i had. The diesel will pull heavy loads substaintially better, but it will cost you. I have come to realize that good gas mileage and pulling a trailer don't occur in the same sentence.
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    I have a 04 Dodge 3500 diesel dually 4x4 4 door with 4.10 gears I keep the rpms around 2000 and below pulling a 36ft enclosed trailer full of atvs I get 12mpg all day long I pull my open 6x12 lawn trailer loaded with stuff a 36 walk behind a 52 ztr and two racks along with two baskets full of lawn stuff I get 16 all day long when I run empty I get 20mpg all day long and these numbers are hand calculated not the lieometer ..change the oil every 10,000 miles no problems with anything as of yet so upkeep has just been the normal PM it has all the power I will ever need towing or not..I will never go back to gas for a work truck that makes no sense to me just my opinion ..
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    Just an outsider's opinion and not directed to anyone in particular posting here.

    But w/o MPG figures...and it 'seems' like a LOT of folks posting in here don't even go to the trouble of calculating their MPGs at each fill-up...what's the point of arguing one way or the other?

    For the 3/4 ton argument: The total cost of operating a diesel vs a gasser comes down to productivity AND maintenance costs AND reliability AND money at-the-pump as a bottom line. Sure, there's even more to the equation, but back up your means a lot to those who are at the purchasing crossroads. We're here to help shed some light, right?
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    My step dads 2011 1500 ext cab short bed gets 15-20mpg with my 14ft single axle with a push mower 52 grandstand 60 g3 and all the other crap
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    Will never give up my 1500. Unless I get a really good deal on a 3500 :)
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    2009 Silverado 1500 extended cab standard bed with the 6.0 gas pulling an 8.5x20ft enclosed trailer gets 8.2 mpg. Yes, you can get a 1500 with the 6.0. Now my 2000 f250 7.3 diesel gets 13.5 pulling the same trailer. Ill take the diesel any day of the week if i'm hauling anything.

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    I think you may have some problems with your 1999 7.3.. or maybe you are always slamming the petal. But i have two 99 f350s a pickup and a dump and the pickup pulling my trailer loaded up to 5500 pounds gets between 13-16 all day everyday with that weight. There are lots of things to look at for a decrease in mileage on these things.. that being said, i get 9or 10 with my 5.4 and when i borrowed a 6.0 chevy 2500 i got 8.5-10.
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