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Gas Mileage- F350/F450/F550

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Can anyone tell me the gas mileage difference between F350, F450, and F550 (1999-2001 models with 7.3 diesel) on the interstate?

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we have 450's with the 4.88 gearing. they're pulling enclosed 24' trailers most of the time. Early season the beds are loaded with mulch. Trailers Gross weight is 10,000 lb. Usually three or four mowers inside them. That said, they average 6 mpgs.

Rented a 550 a few times. Sucked down the diesel. So probably no more than 6mpg.

I own an F250 with a 7.3l. Highway I might get 18mpg, but typical city/local driving I would be around 14mpg. I think my truck 3.73 gearing.

A few years back the gearing on the 250/350 was 3.73 or 4.10. I think the 450/550 is maybe a 4.10 and more so the 4.30 and the 4.88.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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