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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bearmersch, Jul 16, 2006.

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    HI, I had a job where a grain truck tipped over in a ditch. It leaked fuel oil and radiator fluid onto the lawn. The area sat untreated for about a year. Then i tilled up the area down to about 4-5 inches and removed the dirt and replaced with new dirt. Then re-seeded. Nothing came up. The customer didn't water the are for about a week before we got rain. Any tips for fixing gas spills in lawns??? HELP!!:cry:
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    It should have came up if it had been watered. How long ago did you seed it???
  3. hickslawns

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    one year and not cleaned up? You must be in the boonies. Sounds like there should have been an environmental cleaning crew out there immediately after the spill. How much fuel oil dumped? This is most likely a lot deeper than 4-5 inches deep. You are going to need to have this cleaned up better with the contaminated soil disposed of in the proper dump which handles this type of soil. This is a huge can of worms that someone got out of taking care of. In a year, i would think most has been very diluted,but there is probably still some left in the soil. Not to mention whatever ran off into the local watershed and eventually into a creek, river, lake, or at least into the water tables below the ground and someones wells or storm water treatment centers. Are you talking about 5 or 10 gallons, or 500-1000 gallons? Might need some more info. Let's assume it was a minute amount. When did you seed this? It is smoking hot right now, and all the water available probably isn't going to get it growing right now. Watering mid-day is pointless with the temps. Might as well do some homework on the spill, and if/how it was cleaned up, and plan on seeding this fall.
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    I was not involved until this summer. I think the accident took place in November of last year. I told the lady to water but i am sure she didnt. Also the grass i planted on the southside of the ditch grew but the grass on the north side of the ditch didnt. I think the sun baked the seed before it got some rain. The only reason i am trying to fix this is because i have know the lady for almost my whole life and is 90 som years old. I am not sure how much fluid leaked into the ground. The truck sat over night in the ditch so i would assume a lot. Prob had a 50 gal tank of gas + or -. Plus the other fluids as well. I had heard that putting mulch on top for a while will help. I am trying that now. Any other help would be appreciated!!!!!

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