Gas or Diesel Dump??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BLandscaping, Dec 9, 2013.

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    I did say that one has to plug in the numbers based on his choice of trucks, mileage he will drive, fuel costs for his area, purchase price difference, etc. Even how many years he anticipates the truck lasting.

    Too make a purchase without doing so would not be wise.

    Many people that have bought diesels realized after the fact that a diesel was not the best choice for them.

    Remember just because something is an option and makes the truck more expensive does not make it the best choice for everyone.
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    Only the business owner can decide what will work for his situation, for some companies a diesel is a must and for others it is a waste. For us diesel pickup trucks are a complete waste of money, they are not being used to haul long distances on the highway, started many times per day and we only put 7-10k on them a year. As for one ton dumps it still doesn't make sense for us because the trucks cant haul enough weight (legally) to slow down even gas engine.

    When you get up to the 650 and bigger trucks then you really have to sit back and crunch numbers a little more, also if I lived in the mountains I would never own a gas powered truck this large but I live in Ohio which is very flat.

    Here is my newest 650 with the V-10, as you can see it is over weight and it tows great. The new V-10's have been redesigned and have more torque and Horsepower than many of the older diesels including the 7.3 ( 362 hp & 457 lb-ft) I had the identical truck with a cummins and hauling wasn't much different but the cummins got up to speed faster while towing...Not worth the extra $10,000 to me.

    Like somebody else said the truck itself will be worn out before a well taken care of gas or diesel engine.

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    here's some calcs that i've done in the past

    I drive 30k a year towing heavy (grossing 23k)

    Gas 30k/6mpg = 5000gal/yr * 3.5 = $17,500/yr fuel
    Diesel 30k/10mpg = 3000gal/yr * 4 = 12,000/yr fuel
    I've run the numbers and a diesel saves me well over $5,000 a year in fuel. let alone other expenses like just buying fuel

    gas 5000gal/25 gal fill (35 gal tank) = 200 fillups/yr * .25hours/fillup = 50hrs*$75hr = $3,750
    gas 3000gal/25 gal fill (35 gal tank) = 120 fillups/yr * .25hours/fillup = 30hrs*$75hr = $2,250
    I save $1,500/per year just in reduced fillups (not even counting that diesel pumps are typically faster then gas pumps)

    all this said, ultimately what matters is that you have a business plan that pays for your all of your truck expenses, gas or diesel shouldn't make or break your business. There are a lot more factors in what makes the "right truck" then just diesel.
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    Scagrider how many mpg's do you get with that V-10 F-650? Or is it gpm? lol. Didn't you have 6500 Chevy with the 8100 before it?
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    It gets 6 mpg, not much difference from my old f650 diesel, it got about 8. And yes i had a 6500 with an 8100, i still have a 5500 with an 8100.
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    FWIW, the difference b/tw 6 mpg and 8 mpg is roughly ~4 gallons of fuel for every 100 miles driven...or 40 gallons for every 1,000 miles driven...or 400 gallons for every 10,000 miles driven...or 4,000 gallons for every 100,000 miles driven.
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    Anyone with experience with an International TerraStar. 19,500gvw. 6.4 black iron Maxfource 7.
  8. scagrider22

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    Ive heard they have lots or wiring harness issues
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