Gas or Kerosene??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jan 21, 2002.


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    This lady wants me to burn her brush pile this spring. I did some burning for her a couple years ago but can't remember if I used Kerosene or gas. I do remember I almost burned down her 100 foot willow tree from the initial flare-up!!!! What's better-- Kerosene or gas or does it really matter????

  2. Kerosene

    Wont have the initial big flame up.

    It is illegal here to burn debris.
  3. trimmer

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    Desil works the best. That is what I use.

    Down here in Florida all you do is call and get a burn permit that is free and burn away.
  4. plow kid

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    cover the hole pile with K~1 or #1 Diesel then where you want to actually start the pile on fire pour about a pint of gas on there then throw a match~NaTe
  5. G.Williams

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    Kerosene and deisel are very similar in properties.
  6. cleancutdude

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    Waste engine oil works well good, burns real slow to get it light and so do an old car tyres.
  7. Green Care

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    Use Kerosene!
  8. greensman

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    Kerosene, deisel, and fuel oil are pretty much the same.
    use kerosene it will be the clean burner.
  9. awm

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    man using gas can get u hurt ,im sure u know that.
    tires really make a long burn ,but can attract the wrong kind of attention. smoke is thick and black and holds togather like its glued. id get a firegoing small and push your fuel onto it.
    seenum burn for weeks.later now,by the way tires wk great if u are far enough out, to get away with it.
  10. bob

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    If you want singed eye browse, use gas. Other wise I'd use the Kerosene.

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