Gas prices here at 3.01/g

When summer rolls around I want everybody to remember how much gas prices dropped over the winter. Its a supply and demand market. If they didn't raise prices in the summer we'd have shortages.

So if you want to feel better when gas goes up again this summer buy some oil company stock. Chevron is paying a 3% dividend. Won't find that at any bank.

Here are 18 A rated stocks by schwab with 3-4% dividends As always do your research and buy for the long haul. Other great companies out there like Exxon.



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Were in the 3.50 range. It's been nice I've been paying $4 ++ for so long now. Though seattle is one of the more expensive places for gas.

I wouldn't mind investing in some sort of stock. Would be fun to play around a bit. I use to follow the market's top 30 everyday for years then lost interest.. My grandpa buys/sells $10,000'ss all day and he's the cheapest mo/fo I've ever met.. My uncle in greece lost all of his money in the market crash several years back. It can be a risky thing to invest in.


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We are paying about 1.45 per Litre in Australia. One gallon = 3.78 Litres, that would mean we pay $5.48 per gallon, and our dollar is buying around 103 US cents. We are getting screwed.
$3.58 for regular here.