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    I bought stock in Ramen Noodles. It's expected to do quite well soon.
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    Seriously looking into Natural Gas, or Propane Conversion for my trucks and mini skid steer.

    I'm just super glad I don't own any diesels..........

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    Ha. I have three diesels, and two diesel mini skids. I get an "off road diesel" tax deduction for all the diesel that goes in the minis though. I have done some extensive accounting on gas verse diesel expense and the diesel comes out being cheaper in the long run.

    Some of the things to consider:

    If using Amsoil in a broken in diesel you only get an oil change every 15k miles vs. 3k gas

    Gas mileage while under load is about 13-15 mpg diesel vs. 8-10 gas.

    Inspection cost for diesel $14 vs. $58 gas

    Properly maintained diesel 400k miles vs. 200-215k gas both being under load most of the time

    While it is costly to work on a diesel, you end up being in the shop much less often. They both average out to be about the same on repairs, but a truck in the shop is not making you money.
  5. White Gardens

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    Ya ya ya, the old diesel vs. gas argument again.

    My point for my statement though is that I can change over a gas vehicle to LP or CNG. If I had a diesel, then I couldn't do that.

    As for heavier equipment though, I'd stick with diesel. In vehicles, the numbers don't add up for me.

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    So where do you fuel up with CNG?
  7. Mike Leary

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    It is the old saw: diesel vs. gas. With fuel prices the way they are (I know, big time!) diesel is not cheap, but when you put high miles at a given RPM, diesels get it. I'd never consider a diesel for a service truck because of the RPM variance, which wrecks injectors and turbos. Just a thought from someone who's put 250K on a diesel with steady RPMs. :clapping:
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    we had a consulting firm come in and do an energy audit of our fleet and this was their solution:

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    With diesel you may have the option of going bio-diesel depending on where you live the cost can vary alot. I know places near Boston that sell it for as much and often more than regular diesel because of the "green factor" to it. I have a buddy who got into it about 10 years ago, when prices started to sky rocket he got most of the resteraunts he was buying from to lock in with multiyear exclusive contracts. I try to run it in my dump (for the "green factor"), I loose some mileage and can feel the power difference when I'm pulling something eavy like my skid and mini skit at the same time.
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    I am surprised you are willing to share that info after laying out for that official energy audit. Thanks
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