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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by longjohn, Feb 15, 2003.

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    Hello to all, I've not signed in for a while and it's good to be back
    (took the family on a cruise before the season starts).
    I just went back through about four or five pages of topics and saw some very interesting subjects but I did not see anything about current gas prices. This will be what I'm calling my first full season in the biz, I started last June. How are y'all going to deal with the operation cost increase? I have some clients that I can absorb some cost increase on but many, most of which are on fixed incomes, I need to increase their pricing. I tried to cushion this last year by talking to several clients and of corse they all said they could'nt afford any increase in price. So what's the plan out there, let go of current clients if they will not or up or absorb the cost for the current clients and adjust with the new clients?
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    Add a small surcharge for gas price increases. Something like 3-5% . Then remove it if gas prices return to a more normal level. I have done this in the past and not had too many complaints. It looks like I will have to start charging them in the spring :( ED
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    I just did a post last week titled "gas prices going thru the roof"

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