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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Southern lawns, have you ever been audited? Also nice rig, I see you around town sometimes
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  2. Southern Lawn Care  LLC

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    No I have not. My parents got audited some time ago on count of the dram business with horses and this is what they had to figure out and go back and fourth on with the IRS. It go handled and thy proved everything on count of the fuel expense. It was in question because of the trips we had to take to get some horses and the fuel cost was a good bit each stop.

    I'm in Alabama and do not do work in Georgia, so you you possibly see another company locally their unless you are up here.
  3. gulfjoe

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    This isn't you?
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  4. weeze

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    yes I run into the same thing. I've heard they quit stocking the paper to save money.

    it's very annoying when you go gas up in the morning and you're in a hurry to get started and you have to wait in line behind 3 people just to get a stupid receipt.
  5. Southern Lawn Care  LLC

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    No sir. I've only been established since 2011. Started business late 2010 and it took until February to get paper work into state and all that. I'm Southern Lawn Care, LLC. NOT Southern Lawns INC. I'm a good two hours from Auburn. I have sent this particular company in auburn as my dad and I have 1500 acres not far from there in chambers county alabama. They have some very nice trucks. I'm only 27 as of this month. Not even thought of in 1978. Lol. I'm ten years younger than that company. I'm solo operator still also.
  6. PK Mows

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    I use Texaco Fleet Mastercards, don't need the receipt. Each truck has a truck fuel card and a equipment fuel card. That way it's all itemized and you get the fuel tax credit on the equipment fuel. Some credit cards also will itemize fuel purchases. I have a Mastercard that I used to use to get I think 3% back per gallon and it lists fuel purchases as fuel, but I don't think my other cards do that.
  7. TNGrassCutter

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    It happens to me about once a week or so. I never go in to get a receipt. Between quickbooks, online banking, and bank statements it's pretty obvious what gets spent on fuel. I mean who spends $75-100 on candy and cokes at a gas station.
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  8. Patriot Services

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    Obviously and logic are two words the IRS doesn't speak.
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  9. CRC_PP

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    If your card itemizes you're ahead of the game, but I doubt the IRS will accept without a breakdown of Items/fuel purchased.

    I will never not get a receipt. I cannot for the life of me see how to justify to the IRS that I just got 102.35 in gas at a station. I could have gotten 52.35 in food and 50 in gas and I would have to prove to the IRS if audited that I just spent it on gas. If I am found to not be able to take that deduction for fuel that could get costly in the event there are multiple transactions in question.

    Say you miss just 10 receipts that average 100. That's 1000 the IRS can deny you from deducting as a "normal" business expense. I don't think many companies want to risk it. I know I don't.
  10. whiffyspark

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    I personally think the IRS needs to get with the times.

    Some stores are even giving you digital receipts, options to not get a recciept, or a paper receipt as a last resort.

    We live in a digital age now. Checks are becoming a thing of the past as well as paper trails.

    They shouldn't have a problem with digital receipts.
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