Gas Spills

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    A) Rain washes the Hydrocarbons down the Storm Drain and it ends up in our Rivers, Lakes and Oceans.

    B) Some may put dish detergent on the spill, which temporarily encapsulates some of the Hydrocarbons, and it is carried, by the detergent and water down the Storm Drain. The detergent bio-degrades and the Hydrocarbons end up in our Rivers, Lakes and Oceans.

    C) Others may put kitty litter on the spill and some of the Hydrocarbons are absorbed. Kitty litter is then washed down a Storm Drain, biodegrades and the Hydrocarbons end up in our Rivers, Lakes and Oceans. If the kitty litter is swept up, it should be disposed of in a Landfill specifically suited for hazrdous materials, otherwise it goes to a regular Landfill and pollutes our soil and may be carried by rain, ground water to our Rivers, Lakes and Oceans.

    D) If a Spill Kit is used correctly, the contents, again, should end up in a Landfill suited for the contaminates.

    E) Call us: We will clean the contaminated surface and recover the effluent and clarify the wastewater for safe discharge into the environment.
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    just dont smoke or strike a match near a small spill and you will be fine. just let it evaporate. if ure dumb enough to have an open flame around spilled gas then you dont need to be around it.
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    Or save some money soak it up and burn it, like TLS said.
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    You can buy one of the very nifty spring loaded auto shut-off cans for $20! Works like a gas pump, when it's full it clicks off and stops the flow.
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    We have spill kits in each truck that are available from Lab Safety
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    Since we run mostly larger units, all our operator carry a spill kit we designed which is packed in a 35gal trash can. Normally our spills consist of hydraulic oil from blown lines. However we have had a few hydraulic tanks fail and dump about 7 gallons in a few seconds. Major components of the spill kit consist of universal sock & pads, hydrophobic pads, and Tiger Sorb. Gasoline can be cleaned up with this kit, however caution must be taken since the used absorbents will be highly flammable.
    Used absorbents are then stored in a open top 55 gallon drum in our shop until disposed of properly(Clean Harbors-vendor for Hazmat waste). Also our operators receive yearly training on spill response. You also must realize that we are inspected yearly by a county inspector that checks all hazmat related items we use and the processes to control spills.
    In California, anything that is left in a roadway that could eventually in up in a storm drain can result in huge fines, including grass clippings.

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