Gas Station Parking

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Eddie B, May 6, 2005.

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    I don't doubt you a bit but if you read the one little point in my post I said I realize they make money off the diversification part of the station but for heavens sake I can't take another person talking about how they make no money on gas, what the H kind of business sense does that make? Some I've seen make more than others on gas but thta goes back to location and competition. I know the money my Uncle makes in rent is a hefty chunk of change each month. In this case the mini mart sits on a heavily traveled main highway, has little competition, but is only open until 11 p.m. (they do open at 5 a.m.). Point is if your smart enough and lucky enough to have that good location (in other words a good buisness head) you will make money off the gas, true not all off gas alone but a heckuva a good chunk.

    Any way I may be venting a bit here the gas prices are killin me man :) But I don't get to stressed out about it, this added cost gets passed on to my customers, much like every other commodity broker passes them on to the rest of us.

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    i would have refused and pointed out how much gas you were buying
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    I'm sorry, but if you couldn't read signs that should be posted at the pumps and on the tanker that demand "NO SMOKING", then you had every right to be yelled at. Maybe not in those exact words, but still.... it seems some people lack common sense around gas pumps.
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    That really s_cked, ......Once I stopped to go to the bathroom at a gas station [ I was makein sales calls & in my car, w/ magnetics], The "Guy said "No"!...............I was mad, got all the local guys I knew to stop gettin gas there! .......At the time I had 3-trucks & a Chipper, Enen went as far to let the gas guy know that ?..........So Screw him & every other Bone head :angry:
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    Why would you possibly be smoking while you are pumping gas? Are you afraid that the cigarettes alone aren't going to kill you fast enough?
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    This was the perfect time to toss an Alka Seltzer tab into your month, put the hat on that says "KILL THEM ALL'', with you foaming at the mouth, she would have hauled a$$ out of there!!!!! :D
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    I always run into a problem at the gas station, and my trailer is small!. I just find it best not to go at rush hour-ie right before people are going to work, or just as they are getting out. Early morning or late night is the best.
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    Re: Scag at the pump,,,

    Just ignore her,,,keep doing what your doing,, act like your deaf! If they get out of there car and come-up Bit#hen,,,,Look at them confused and then with your hands making Sign Language type motions ,,say with a hairlip accent, wat da heckis your problim??? r you talkin to me? IM DEAF!! :confused: Now go sit your a$$ down and wait your turn!,,Bit(H!

    I cant stand impatient ignorant jerks! Like I said Mean People Suck!
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    Oh man i laughed my a$$ off when i read that one :D

    I go to a place right down the road from me, its close, on the way to the accounts, the pumps are in a line so they're single, not the one in front of the other so you got your pump and you can move forward and reverse if needed. We also have "sheetz" here, they're by far the cheapest for gas but they don't have diesel so i don't go there, they also have HUGE lots which is real nice. I've never had a problem at gas stations, just get to know the people that work there by going there daily and your coverd.
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    Sounds like a story from a self-serve carwash I go to frequently--I usually go over my truck once with the whole deal--rinse, soap brush, rinse again-then go over it again to get any missed spots- and everytime I pull into a bay, theres ALWAYS someone who pulls in right behind me when there are other bays open and waits until I'm finished to go in--I don't understand why someone would want to wait 20 minutes when they can go to the bay next to me... :dizzy:


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