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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JB1LNDSCPR, Feb 22, 2004.


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    I have an opportunity to bid on a gas station chain. The head quarters are located in my town so i have an advantage. They want me to do as many as possible and they are gonna be building 2 more this year with all new hardscapes. I use to mow this lawn for my previous employer so i know what it details. This job has many extra oppurtunitys also like, Sealing the lot, striping the lot, mulch, trimming and ect.

    There is hardly any mowing and trimming.

    1st island is 12' x 20'
    2nd is an L-shape maybe 390 sq ft
    3rd is 8' x 12'
    Then there is a lawn shared with the neighbor and that consists of 3 passes with a 52" mower. about 100' long.

    What kind of price should this be? There are a lot of low ballers around. I know i dont want to lose money and I want to price it so i can have there contract because ther are many opportunitys like i said.
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    Its hard to say what to bid something w/o seeing it , but just go around look at all properties figure man hours at each location and charge what you need to to make money. dont short yourself.

    Shouldn,t take more than 1 1.5 man hrs per loc.???

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    first off i would like to thank you for your help because nobody in this forum wants to help anyone trying to get started.....but anyways... i use to mow the one in my town for my previous wmployer and it took me 25 minutes to mow,blow,trim and if i weeded it would take 45 minutes. If i price the one right it doesn't matter about the others i name the price on those. thats why i want this job but i don't wanna be high or be too low that they will think i am a lowballer.
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    your welcome, if you know you can do them in half an hour then bid them .5 x your hourly rate (ours is around $ 25 to $30 per man hr ) but it varies * your kinda far from me.
    But say $25x.5hrs = $12.50 per week per property.
    if you get 20 properties thats $250.00 per week
    If you think thats to low go $30 per man hr
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    Whatever price you decide on, make sure that you up the price every week for no apparent reason like the gas stations do to gas prices. Tell them it is supply &

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    LOL Thats a good one Metro Lawn !!!
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    When you get older and have a family to support you are going to wish you charged more.

    After you take your expense out of the $12.50 you would have made more working for minimum wage somewhere else.

    JB1LNDSCPR, The only real advice I can give you is to pay close attention to who's advice you take serious.
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    Metro.... Im ROFLMAO !!!! :D I have to remember that when I send the bill for the Gas station chain we do....when they raise the price of fuel,,,Im going to raise the price of the Lawn & landscape bill LOL " FOR NO REASON" just going to do it....
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    soupy your right 12.50 may be a little low but $25.00 per hour - say $7.00 for gas & stuff thats still $18.00 profit per hour x 8hr = $144.00

    he said if he gets the job he names his own price on the others
  10. Soupy

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    I'm not trying to argue with you. but I would love to hear how you manage to keep your overhead to $7 per hour? Can you give me a breakdown of how you came up with this figure?

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