Gas streaming out of the primer bulb

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Tom R, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Tom R

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    I have a ten or eleven year old Yard-Man snowblower with a Tecumseh HSK70 engine. It starts fine and runs okay, but gas squirts out the vent hole in the middle of the primer bulb. It makes lots of nice yellow spots on the lawn in the spring, plus I use an awful lot of gas to clear the driveway.

    I have to shut off the gas and run the carb dry between uses, or it'll drain the tank - which it did one time while in the back of my minivan.

    I pulled the float bowl off, and the float seems fine. What am I:dizzy: missing?
  2. MowerMedic77

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    First let me say WELCOME to LAWNSITE :drinkup:

    When you have the bowl off you need to remove the float and give it a shake and listen for gas in the float if you hear some then you will need to repl with new also while you are at it you can replace the needle and rubber seat that most Tech. engines use. This will stop your flooding issue.
    Good luck I hope this helps :)
  3. Bill Kapaun

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    To add to MowerMedic-
    When you have the carb off, momentarily flush the fuel line. Often when taking the line off, you;ll dislodge some crud that will head right for the needle & seat once the fuel flows through it, giving you the same problem.
    Also smell your oil for the presence of fuel. Change it if you smell gas or the oil seems thinner than it should be.
  4. Tom R

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    Thanks, guys. It was the float. For five bucks it's running better than it has in years.
  5. pclawncare

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    Ya guys is it just me or do techumseh snow bird engines alwase need to be worked on. Seriously dont buy a techumseh unless you know how to work on them. Too bad no other company can figure out how to build these engines for snow blowers that are less prone to break downs. I asked my dealer about them and he says snow blowers with the techumseh are alwase in the shop and they alwase need to be messed with. I also have a snow blower with a techumseh and i have totaly rebilt the carb on it new needle and seat float and all and after one winter its back to runnin like junk

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