Gas Theft!

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by OrangeToys, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. OrangeToys

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    So I left my trailer hooked up to my truck last night cause I was working on the mowers and I would just be leaving early in the morning to go work again. So I left this morning to work and I get to my first yard and noticed that I was missing a 5gal gas can and there was no way for it to fall off the trailer for the way I had it straped/pinned to the frame.
    This is actually so weird cause my house is kinda in the country, and nobody ever drives down our road. But I guess it only take one time

    So all in all I lost 5gallons of gas:cry:. Im just glad it wasn't any trimmers or equipment. I'll now be chaining my gas cans to the trailer.
  2. topsites

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    This only works for solos but don't you ever store spray chemicals in them cans?

    I do :p

    Great way to refill the backpack sprayer like with already mixed Round-up, didn't you know?
    I also carry red, yellow and blue ones, so I can tell them apart, some empty, some full,
    make sure to stick the mix fuel one up in the collection some kind of way.

    Go right ahead, dump some of it in your car's gas tank, fair chance it could be the correct unleaded fuel one you got.

    Another good idea is to write "OFF Road" on the side of the tank with black magic marker,
    all of this adds a good amount of confusion, only I have to know for sure what's in it.
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  3. DiyDave

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    Leave one can unchained, fill with old, nasty gas, stuff you dump out, when its bad, and allow some room for a couple days of whizzing into the can, then when some sob steals it, you just have to find the guy with his hood up!:nono:
  4. lyube

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    Even better when I had a diesel vehicle and a large marked GAS can (red) on the trunk of the car...some genius stole it..I had the ONLY diesel vehicle on the entire campus. Someone got a suprise...
  5. S.I.

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    I went through a battle with stolen gas cans last summer. Really sucks. All the cans that were stolen were 2.5 gallon cans. This summer I have left a 5 gallon can with some nasty gas among other things sitting in the driveway. Two months now and nobody has touched it. I guess it would be too much work to steal a 5 gallon can.
  6. Ben's Landscape

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    That has been happening to a lot of boats near my house. The shellfisherman have been stealing 6 gallon tanks out of boats. A guy i know had like 5 cans stolen. He finally got smart and filled a new can with water and takes his 6 gallons down the dock everytime he uses his boat.

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