Gas thieves 3 nights in a row

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by derbydon, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Bibbee Lawn Care

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    No kidding..I feel bad for any unwanted scum around my place after hours, my pit weighs 105-lightening pounds. If that don't work... my glock 45 will.
  2. Glenn Lawn Care

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    i like this idea. :laugh:
  3. seabee24

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    maybe bait it . I wouldnt bother with the locking gas cap - if you loose the key, or break the key., or the lock gets frozen with ice... to me alot of bad could come out of that at the wrong possible times. if had my share of frozen locks. at a gas station , low on fuel, when im suppost to be out plowing, on an item that you cant use a cutting tourch to pass on the locks..besides, they wll just go take it from your mowers.

    id bait it, but get cameras. im looking at a set as i speak , ties into your computer, records motion. $400 bucks for 4 cameras. almost cant go wrong.

    few motion lights would be a good investment also
  4. Lightningllc

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    Razor blade gas caps, you can find them on line, also a trick an employee did he installed a a stainless grate on all of my truck fill line to tanks the cant stick a line in the tank but you can still fill it.

    we baited a truck that had a bad motor, we filled the tank with pure ethonyl and corn syrup. Suck to be them.
  5. Lightningllc

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    The gas caps with razor blades are where you have to have a tool to open it so when they try to twist it, The blades come out and cut the hands, One morning a blood trail 20 feet long across my parking lot and got it on camera, We had a good morning laughing at that a++hole.
  6. 05 superduty

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    Thats what i would do too, but they'll be lucky if they only get hit 3 times.:itflag:
  7. seabee24

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    until he sues you for the laiblity

    few years back, this guy glued a peace of metal on the inside of his drivers door handel. car alarm wired to give the person holding the handel a shock if the alarm got tripped. turned out someone did try to steal his car, only problem was the theif had a heart condition, and the shock to his system , litterally killed him. Guess who was found liable? the owner....
  8. cgaengineer

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    The mistake you people are making is talking about what you will do to a thief on a public forum.

    All I will say is the State of Georgia has the Castle Law and I live in GA.
  9. Chilehead

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    The Castle Doctrine is a great law, but sadly only applies to the inside of a structure--not open land, driveways, etc.
  10. cgaengineer

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    I applies to real property as up on it.
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