Gas to cost less this year, get ready for lowballing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncuttinfoo, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. herler

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    Lowballing is very easy if you keep your overhead down.
    Hint, these are not the air conditioning's temperature settings.

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    No I didn't see it! Got a link for it?
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    The low ballers don't usually know thier overhead, that's the problem. We have a LC in our area that has been low balling for the past 3 years. I have heard from suppliers that he has been cut off, from non payment. It is soon to catch up with him. I know of one supply yard that he owes thousands.:nono:

    Sure he might go under but, thier will be another to take his place.
  4. orangemower

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    WOW. I pay as I go with the local place. I do have a account I can run a tab on but I never let it get past one job. Right now I owe him just over $150 and I can't wait to pay him this week.

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    I see more coming from foreclosure cuttings then anything. I even had a few apply.

    The companies are cutting there pay as they find more people willing to do it. The guy told me he was getting $23 up to a acre, down from $28 last year. These arent manicured yards either.

    You get a guy like this that figures they can add $10 to that price and be good.
  6. dKoester

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    I love hearing "Well they just stopped showing up."

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    Yup, or you get the cheapskate after giving them a price say I'm not paying more then this. Thats what the last guy charged. Well see you later then.

    I had a Inn call me 3xs last year. 2 guys stopped showing and the 3rd was arrested. I told the lady people dont show because there not getting paid or they werent charging enough. After giving her the price she said what I wrote above. When she called me the 3rd time I just laughed.
  8. XYZLawnPros

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    Gas prices two and a half weeks ago:

    89 octane 10% ethanol = 3.01

    91 octane NO ETHANOL = 3.29

    As of today February 6th gas prices:

    89 octane 10% ethanol = 3.49

    91 octane NO ETHANOL = 3.90

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