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    We have been kicking the idea around for a long time to convert our entire fleet to a feasible way....we are going to convert a 36in. scagg walk behind to be completely off gas, and no grid charging...we are installing several large solar panels on the roof of our trailer to keep a bank of batteries charged all the time....when the mower gets low just pop in 3 new batteries.....we are hoping to be able to just remove the gas engine....and leave the rest of the mower stock.....anyone tried this yet???:usflag:
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    Dam lets us know the text results
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    Personally I don't think it could work.

    Your going to need a lot of power to keep a crew running all day, and I would think by noon that you would have depleted the bank of batteries enough that you couldn't get everything re-charged effectively. That and how would the bank charge itself at night?

    That and it might take way too long to charge each piece of equipment every time it ran out of juice.
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    lead acid wont work....lithium or polymer would be better..we are thinking we will need at least a 6 hr run time each day at 50-75% motor power...if you max out the motors they lose a lot of not sure how many bats. we will need to get that 6 hrs. but lets say we need a total of 12....with 3 running at one time...thats only 4 change outs a day...with quick connections built into the bats. should be quick and easy to change ...maybe 2-5 minutes at most....also we will need to have a solar charging station at the shop charging bats. for the next day....the panels on the trailer will only help keep bats topped off through the day...i know it sounds like a lot but i think it may be able to be done.....maybe will be interesting to say the least....and for those cloudy day we would just have to either charge off the grid or use back up gas equipment...some how some way we have got to find a cheaper , better fuel is about 1500 a month in the winter!!! this summer is going to be a killer.
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    Personally, I'm holding off and waiting until they perfect the hydrogen fuel cells to power equipment.

    New Holland seems to be the front-runner, and I hope the technology trickles down to their ZTR's.

    I would just think cost wise, that going off the grid isn't going to save you money. Mowing equipment alone vibrates so badly that the batteries aren't going to last long IMHO.
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    it will probably take some time to break even on the cost ...vibrations can be absorbed with several different kinds of material on the battery rack as well as under the motor....:usflag: the good thing is, the higher gas prices go the faster we break
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    it sounds almost impossible, not gonna be worth the hassle or money spent. if your doing it for gas prices alone , i think your money would be better spent somewhere else tighter route, lighter trailer, different truck etc
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    I think it will be a whole lot of fun to experiment with the i have any expectations? not really...its more for fun and curiosity...i believe there are other options than fuel that we buy from countries that hate not against fossil fuels...but am all for innovative ideas for something different...personally there is a potential maket out there...but like electronics, it will have to be put through the paces...first, 8 tracks, then cassettes, then cd, you see where im going...while i like hydrogen concepts i think it will be in the top 2 on the food chain....right now i dont think, as a nation, we even have the 8 track yet.....but the sooner we can get 8 tracks (so to speak) to everyone....the sooner we can start selling cassettes....and so on and so forth....just another fun hobby to tinker with that may or may not prove worth it.....
  9. White Gardens

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    I don't know Mr. G. After going to the local power shop today, I'm kinda back-tracking and thinking that it might be possible.

    The salesman was showing me the shihl battery operated system they have developed and at least the hedge trimmer he showed me looked to be promising.

    There is one battery to operate it, or, you can wear a back-pack that has multiple batteries in it for longer run time.

    I still would think that there would be some bugs in the operation you would have to work out and it would probably take a couple of seasons before you could completely get away from gas powered equipment.
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    When gas prices go up, so does the price of everything else. I hate to say it, but I think you are having a pipe dream.
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