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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Bigfish8, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Thanks to someone who posted the listing of stations that off non ethanol containing gas. An Exon station, not far from me, sells 93 octane gas with no ethanol. I am sure this stuff will be pricy but the real costs of using gas with ethanol isn't cheap by any means! My dumb question now is should I add Stabil or some fuel stablizer to this gas?

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    You're welcome! Even if it's $.25-$.50 more/gallon, it's worth me anyways.

    Adding stabilizer is wise if you don't go through your fuel quickly.

    If this is for 2-stroke machines, then usually the 2-stroke oil has stabilizer in it. Higher octane fuels are nearly always recommended by 2-stroke manufacturers as outlined in their owner manuals.

    The new style gas cans are not vented...thus not allowing for condensation in a perfect scenario.
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    I have been using high octane gas, 92-93 in all my equipment.

    As I have a big 12kw Honda generator for emergency use, in the winter before the possibility of ice occurres here, which seems to be getting more rare, I fill up all my cans and big equipment, thus having abour 40 gal of gas on hand. I have been adding a double dose of Stabil blue and a shot of an ashless oil, such as outboard motor oil or marvel mystery oil..

    I have been doing this for years with no problems, in fact have an older JD lawn tractor that I keep as a backup, that may only get run and hour or so a year, thus the gas may stay in the tank for two or 3 years. It has never failed to start and run.

    Recently I located some stations over in W. Monroe, La that sells ethanol free fuel, so the last time I was home I brought back about 25 gal, added the stabil and little shot of two cycle oil, plus regular two cycle oil for those small cans for my two cycle equipment. and should be good to go for this year.

    I keep tabs on how old a can of gas may be and use the old stuff first so it is in constant rotation.
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    Hello everyone I'm new here and have a few questions. I just bought a house and just started to cut my own lawn. I just bought a Troy-Built 21" push mower Model #: 11A-A23N011 and a Craftsman 31cc 2-Cycle Straight Shaft Weed Wacker Model# 79440. My question is is it better to run higher octane in the mower and 2 cycle weed wacker? I seen in this post some ppl says its better in the 2 cycle but what about the gas mower? what octane should I use? 89 or 91? Also what is this stabil blue I been hearing about? Is it a stabilizer and kills the ethanol? Should I use it in my 4 cycle and 2 cycle gas cans because the 2 cycle oil I use has fuel stabilizer in it. Sorry for the long post and thanks for the help!!!
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    I also use Star-Tron. It states it will rejuvenate fuels as well.
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