Gas vs diesel ... Diesel worth it?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by grassmasterswilson, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. mowcrazy

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    Man dont I wish!!!! Man Ive got so much money in repairs in this POS Im not putting any more in it.

    This is what Ive done to get "better mileage"

    injector job

    glow plugs

    tow setting chip (supposed to help towing mileage but didnt)

    3" downpipe and got rid of the pancaked one that was on it that runs behind fire wall.

    Small tires.....

    Ive had it to my ford dealership which has award winning diesel mechanics and they have gone all through this thing. They simply said this is as good as its gonna get unless you wanna spend even more money (big money)

    This truck gets 15 not pulling anything driving as gentle as possible..... Its running 1500rpms at 58-60mph................

    Lets put it to you this way, I bought the truck from original owner with just a little over 100K miles. Truck had been taken care of..... Paid $6500 for the truck..... I have another $7000 in receipts for repairs and just trying to keep it on the road and Ive only owned it a little over a year......... transmission, electrical problems like crazy, shifter linkages, and the big one........ the oil pan got a pin hole in it (rusted oil pan which they are know for) and and you know what that means. Everytime i turn around, something else...... I could have bought another decent truck with just what I had in repair bills. And its still a gutless turd...... I know 7.3 are good motors. I just got the wrong year truck. Should have gotten 99-2003........... My uncle has one of those and while its in the shop all the time as well, atleast it has decent power....

    We both have chev running through our blood but we both decided to check out all the hype on these 7.3 fords and we both agree, "never again".........

    Low maintanances gas chevys is all we have used for years with our 2 seperate businesses and never had problems EVER......... now we have 2 trucks that nickle dime us to death and wouldnt you know its these two fords........... I have 7 trucks total all chevys but 1 and the only one that lives at the mechanic is the ford....... Im rambling sorry!!!!!! If everyone had one (a lemon) like me you would all want to vent also.... LOL

    Not saying fords better than chevy fellas, maybe we both by chance bought lemons.... IDK?
  2. larryinalabama

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    Im aa fan of the "old 350" gas burner chevys. My box truck gets 11mpg, and if ever need I can replace the engine for less than 1800$, while a diesel would cost nearly that just for an injector pump.
  3. mowcrazy

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    This is my mind set.......... I just had to learn this the hard way............ We had a few of the 350 older trucks and they were also very low maintanance..........
  4. JDGlandscape

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    thats unfortunate, seems like you may have gotten a lemon. I have gone both ways and had to make an unbiased opinion at first, and diesel overwhelmingly won. I still have both though but thats only because weve had it for around 10 years. My 7.3s get around 18-19 unloaded and around 15 towing my 6k trailer. The gas engines get below 9.5 with the same exact trailer, and plowing the deisel gets right below 10 and the gas gets around 4 or 5:cry:
  5. greendoctor

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    Diesel is worth it for me. Gas is now $4+, diesel is about the same price. What makes that decision easy for me is when gas was still cheap, I asked how many miles on a tank of gas? 300. How many on a tank of diesel? 600. This is assuming driving on a flat road with an empty truck. If any of you have been here, you will notice how all of the freeways are built uphill and that neighborhoods are build on the side of a mountain. I drive on the freeways, loaded down with fertilizers and chemicals. I am also not the one creeping along at 45 because my gas engine cannot pull the load or not even being able to maintain 25 up the mountain. Granted, there were a lot of bugs to be worked out in a 2007.5 Cummins 6.7. But the dealer and manufacturer stood behind their product. They took care of the fixes and the cost of a rental. It has been over a year since the truck was laid up. I would probably not have this level of support if I bought off of a used car lot or from a private buyer. Then again, it says something when there are not a lot of used diesel trucks for sale. Most people that have them do not plan on letting go of them. On the other hand, the used lots are full of gas trucks and SUVs. I am assuming that they were bought new by people being eaten alive by the price of fuel and unable to claim that cost on their taxes. Lots of Prius, Lexus Hybrid Drives, Mercedes Blue Tec and VV TDI on the road. Especially among those that could afford to drop their gas guzzler and are driving over 50 miles per day.
  6. Green-Man

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    Well said! Great points you made there! Diesel all the way haha
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  7. 205mx

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    Unfortunately I have to agree. Diesels cost 3-5x more per year to maintain properly. And when something goes wrong.... There's no $60 spark plugs and wires tune up. Injectors for the diesels run big money installed. trust me I know.
  8. zackvbra

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    I switched from my gasser to a diesel a couple months ago, and I can already tell the difference in mileage. I get 15 mpg towing, where I use to get 6-7 mpg in my old gasser. The extra cost is worth it to me. And diesel parts are made better, so it will last longer.

    The point really is, less down time, less repairs. But however when something does go wrong, like a fuel pump, it can be a $1000 mistake. the vp44 fuel pump that goes in my truck is like $700-800.

    And pullin up and shuttin her down can cost you dearly. You gotta wait for that turbo to cool down, while the oil is still flowing through it.
  9. precision8m

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    The vp44 is $1500. Been there..... Get a fuel pressure gauge and probably a new fuel pump.

    For me, I am willing to overlook the few faults and expenses of a diesel and I won't be using gas trucks. Gassers are retired by 150-200k miles, and diesels are going over 300 and into 500-600 k miles. The power and mileage makes gassers seem pointless.
  10. 205mx

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    Have a f150 with 170. No issues
    01 mustang 222k miles. Same deal
    2003 silverado 2500hd. 140k. Minimal issues. (throttle body at 90k)

    2004 avalanche 225k no problems but an alternator.
    2007 Diesel 3/4 ton. 147k miles No issues except 2 injectors and an EGR cooler. Only about 3900 in repairs. It's all relative.
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