Gas vs Diesel Real World Estimates

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slevenjr, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. slevenjr

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    I am sure some of you commercial guys have replaced your gas ztrs with diesels. And since you have mowed many of the same yards with both, can you give me an estimate of your fuel savings? Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Don
  2. Swampy

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    not big on mowing residental homes but having used Toro's gas ZTR vs Toro's Kubota Diesel ZTR. We can run the Diesel on about 5 days vs the Gas which was about 2-3 days before filling.

    Diesel's cost more hands down for purchasing, repair, and also are limited to a few select models. But they are worth it. With proper maintance they will last longer. They don't bog down in long wet grass conditions. Have more weight over your axle. Also better resale value.

    My opinion if you have the finances to purchase a diesel instead of a gas do so.
  3. David Gretzmier

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    do a search on diesel, I've run the math before comparing consumption of off road diesel to gas and prices. you can save about 12,000 bucks using diesel over gas at 2000 hours of use at around 3 bucks a gallon for gas. fuel consumption is typically less than 1/2 of gas. more so in the big block- 32 horse and up gas vs. diesel.
  4. tomo

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    hello, around 1 gallon per hour depending upon conditions and deck size . This is on a 12mph machine 60 deck average to poor conditions . The smaller engines eg walker diesel ,tiny grassopper etc etc run around .8 gallon +/-

    Not much less than gaser but typically consumption is lower for given application .
    Best comparison would be carburetor big block on a large deck 66--72 compared to a diesel .
    Until there is some feed back on the B/B gaser fuel consumption i would be cautious .
    The larger the gaser and deck size the more important fuel injection becomes

    The larger the gaser the more desirable a diesel becomes [depends on application ]

    For those of u who interupt YES there is mid size diesels that weigh less than a gas unit walker grasshopper dixion ,apparently a small hustler soon [have not checked in a while] [to small IMO

  5. slevenjr

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    A BIG thanks to Swampy, David, and tomo for your input! Take Care, Don
  6. delphied

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    Ive got a 30 hp kohler with a 66 deck and burn 1.3 gallons per hour. That means 1 dollar more per hour for gas at 3 dollars per gallon. That also means only 2000 more to run mine over the course of 2000 hours than the deisel. Think it over carefully before you plunk down your money on a deisel.
  7. gorrell

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    Delphied, I believe you're using "fuzzy" math. I've got a Steiner 230 with a 72" deck/28 hp Kubota diesel that uses no more than .7 gal/hr. If you're comparing this to a gas machine @ 1.3 gal/hr over 2000 hours it's not even close. Our local prices today are gas($3.30) vs. diesel($2.72). Steiner 2000 hours x .7 gph x $2.72= $3808. Gas machine 2000 hours x 1.3gph x $3.30= $8580. That's a difference of $4772.00. That doesn't make gasoline look very good does it?...One can deduct even more by using off road diesel which is 17 cents cheaper here in Missouri................Lynn
  8. ALarsh

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    Good point gorrell, but diesel is also more expensive up front to purchase. You do get a better resale with that diesel though. Are these smaller diesel engines (20-30hp) more expensive to maintain than a similar sized gas?
  9. tomo

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    hello, considering diesel against gaser
    kohler gaser ,inlet maniflod vacumn leak, coil failure ,head gasket ,valvetrain noise THESE R ONLY THE COMMON FAILURES then there is the other parts leaking valve covers ,leaking fuel pump and constant starter cleanouts /rebuilds .

    ABOVE all else diesels are reliable

  10. grass disaster

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    my zd18 diesel gets .6 gph

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