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    Someone posted a question in a Private Message on the comparison of gas to diesel, so I thought I would share our reply.

    Here are a few point on the fuel comparison:

    1) As an example, a 25hp diesel engine consumes about 0.9 gallon per hour--a gas engine consumes about 1.8 gallons per hour. As a result, in the average mowing season of 1,000 hours, the diesel engine will burn 900 less gallons of fuel compared to gas engines.

    2) Diesel with an estimated fuel price of $3.65/gal consuming 0.9 gal/hour will cost you $3.29/hour of mowing. For gas engines with an estimated fuel price of $3.36/gal consuming 1.8 gal/hour will cost you $6.05/hour of mowing.

    As a result: The annual fuel expense for gas is $6,050 compared to diesel expense of $3,290--so savings of $2,750/year of cutting (again based on 1,000 hours).

    Diesel has 42% less CO2 (carbon dioxide) and lower carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions than gasoline. Diesel engines generate more torque for the horsepower. And lastly, diesel engines typically have a longer service life than gas engines.
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    Thanks for the info!
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