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    I just got an e-mail wanting everyone in Canada and the U.S.A. to boycott the gas pumps April 7th thru April 9th to send a message to OPEC that we want the price of gas to go down. Thinking is if we don't buy it for 3 days (entire North America) it will send a message to the folks that have us by the gonads! I heard on my news the other night that by April 87 octane will be $1.60 per gallon!!! I did a little math and that adds up. I figured I would be spending almost $40.00 per day on gas alone. I know some of you spend much more than that. I just thought I would pass it along, see what kind of response I got.<p>Homer
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    i also got an email about this i wonder if it could work, like you say they have us by the balls, im thinking they would find out about this and just wait us out i know i cant go very long without buying gas. what can we do?<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
  3. Homer if you can't handle a little $40 per<br>day overhead increase maybe you should<br>reevaluate your current position in the lawn<br>care industry.<p>I suggest you sell off all your choppers,<br>keep your trimmers, edgers, blowers, trimming<br>mowers, hand tools, and a few small walk behinds and move to Las Vegas NV.<p>Five thousand NEW people move to Las Vegas<br>EVERY MONTH. They buy up this cheap track<br>homes on small lots, have irrigation, and<br>want to grow blue/ryegrass in the desert.<p>One dollar shrimp cocktails and five dollar<br>prime rib dinners abound.<p>Besides it's a dry heat compaired to the conditions you presently work.<p>
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    Well thanks for that Larry, I never said I couldn't afford the few dollar increase over what I'm paying now. Its the principal behind the whole deal. Why would I want to sell a machine that aids me in getting my work done in 1/2 the time it would take the same people with walk behinds? Seems like money management is your forte and spending more because of a few ragheads out there dictating what, when , and how much we can have would surely get a rise out of you.<br>Anyway I was merely passing on an e-mail that I received, use it if you wish, cast it away if it doesn't apply, you know the drill.<p>I'm out of gas now!<p>Homer
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    I've heard of the theory of not buying a product to protest the purveyor, but wouldn't that only work if you didn't use the product during the protest period?<p>for example, if I fill up all the tanks on the sixth, continue normal activities on the seventh and eighth like mowing and driving around, and then need to fill up all tanks again on the has that gotten our point across? as long as you dont reduce your consumption, there is the same net usage. Iduno about this one.<p>GEO
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    If you stop to consder how many gallons flow through the US each day you would soon relize that just one day of stoped traffic would send a message to OPEC. There is no way they could stock pile that much fuel. It would look like a cartoon when the pipe gets pluged up and starts swelling. It would cost the fuel companys a fortune to reroute and shut down prodution. A snowball in hell has a better chance than no one using fuel for a day, much less 3 or 4. It would send a message. IF, thats a mighty big IF.<br>
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    My point exactly. If is right.
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    Hey we should not blame the oil companies. With all these people going out and buying SUVs to go to the grocery store. How bright is that? Opec saw this and saw a goldmine in the making. Just like any good business would. We need big trucks to pull our equipment. Most people never ever go off road with their big SUV tanks. Did they ever stop to think that gas price may go up? Like they have done throughout history. We live in a very selfish self centered society. Its me me me. &quot;I am going to buy a SUV and I don't care If I use up 2 parking spaces and the whole road and all the gas and kill whomever I hit. Just as long as I have a bigger truck than anyone else&quot; That the way alot of people think.
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    Hey, I havn't forgotten the last time those suckers pulled the worlds biggest sham on us. In the late seventies early eightys. Gas shortages every where. All the while they have tankers sitting in the ocean they can't unload because the are hold back fuel from the destributers. Oh, we're running out of gas. Oh, got to drive 55 to save fuel. Oh, got to make them smaller to save fuel. Screw me once shame on them, Screw me twice shame on me!!!!<br>
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    I say lets give it a try. The situation will not correct itself if nothing is done. Does the phrase 'Boston Tea Party' ring any bells?<br>That was when people had had enough for big shots charging exhorbitant prices.<br>When we got pissed at management back in the days of working at the machine shop, everyone walking out for a day REALLY rocked the boat & got our message across. They are dependent upon us for fueling the fire by buying more & more- a self energizing situation for them. I say hit em where it hurts. Stock up ahead of time, & 'fast' for the few days. If it doesn't work then we're no worse off. Better to try & see, then to do nothing & wonder what if. Spread the word!<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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